Conquest and alliances Collusion

in our conquest group 2 alliances are working together and wont attack each other . ( Germania1   danish knights   united iran     spec grupa )

first is germania1 (rank 28) and second one danish knights (rank 199).

danish knights are attacking us with 53 members and they are not losing 1 single score in conquest 

how is that possible to defend against rank 28 alliance with 21 members and losing even once when they have rank 199 alliance ?!

and now germania1 completely wiped out spec Grupa (rank 106 )

i dont know what to say anymore because its so embarrassing  for rank 22 alliance 

 first was pro league and now conquest all of them are unbalanced 

I’m from Germania1 alliance.

We also see this problem. Matchmaking was unfair this time.

But I think you will get an easier map next time. We will get a much harder map next time.


Definitely both Danish Knights and Germania had made an agreement not to fight with each other and keep destroying other two alliances and completely wipe out from the Conquest map ! If this is the system to win game then what’s the meaning of strategy here?? Danish Knights being level 74 alliance cannot fight against level 70 alliance, which i say the team of losers and cowards. Germania are even biggest losers for now helping out Danish Knights to win the game. Filthy game with no value of game’s spirit !! I challenge through this forum message to Danish Knights if you are really team of good and strong players then fight with us without any help from Germania !!

Come on! 

Just a game

Good to know you are from Germania1 alliance. Can i ask what do you want to prove in current Conquest war? Invincible right? We know this is the problem of matchmaking but this is not the way of playing game fairly. And it’s not about next time mate, we are fine playing this game harder  but without taking other alliance help to win anytime.

We face the same problem…we are ranked 269…2 alliancies…of rank 175 en rank 13 are working together and whiping us out and the other alliance ranked 175 gets also whiped out by them.

When i asked the leader of allie rank 13 to give us same space he told me about the agreement…we stopped playing after they destroyed every tower of our alliance and score became 0 points.

I find this very unfair gameplay…its hard enough because of the mismatch…dont need this deal making to mess up te game even more.

We had some battles against DK !


thats so nice of u guys im proud that u guys have good logic 


A game where about 60 members put effort for 8 days 24*7 to get nothing.

Sounds like a really interesting game

That’s a lame excuse. Simply say that Germania1 is fallible against Danish Knights ! You guys should do a job of babysitter. That suits your alliance !!

Let me explain:

We splitted our troops in two groups. One group went from NE to NW, the other group went to SE.

On the first days we met DK in the N and had some fights against them. They were not strong enough to beat our bases. So we decided to concentrate our troops to the SE (spec grupa) and the centre/SW (Iran United).

We hoped to find some hard battles!

What happend? Our players did their job. They fought against spec grupa. Spec grupa has been totally wiped out. We built a watchtower in front of their stronghold.

Now we have reached the SW (United Iran). - Still on the search for some battles!

We only played this Conquest. 

You should ask yourself, what you should have done in the first days to handle this Matchmaking.


I am from Danish Knights.

RR2 is a game. A game with many emotions.

We fully agree that current matchmaking needs adjustment…as well as other aspects of conquest mode. Flare made many changes for this conquest and I am confident that they will again.

Irrespective the changes that will be made then RR2 is a strategy game and that mean deals will be made across alliances…as it has been since RR2 introduced alliance wars!

We had a great war with 36 vs 36 (we do not even have 53 active players) which tipped to our side. That was a straight win which ran the full time, where we scored more points with same amount of players.

If it makes you feel better you are welcome to call us names, etc. We will focus on playing the game.

The most likely reason why 2 strong teams don’t fight, is that some strategic points a lot of players from both sides are residing there. Who will attack a watchtower, builded on forest, when players from both teams can beat each other? That makes no sense, so logically they beat lower teams on the map.

My team is fortunate that the strongest team on the map shows mercy to us and let’s us build. We only move a lot of players to the other borders, so that the other teams won’t raid us there. If we declare a war,  we get wiped out, since some players of us are just not smart, they jump in, aren’t able to score a single skull and bleed them like crazy. So for our strongest, it’s useless to start wars, we lose anyway, even when we outnumber them. So we now just defend, build towers and that’s it. 

Sounds boring and depressing, yes that’s exactly it. 

You guys didn’t fight with DK, i can guarantee that. If your team can split in two groups and attack other two teams favoring DK to keep them safe then it is either an agreement between two teams not to fight against each other or its your alliance who really are the weakest team in RR2 that being top 20 alliance cannot fight with the coward team like DK. Accept it Germania1 = Babysitter !!

We all know its a game but you guys are not a player ! Players doesn’t cry and beg with another strong alliance to win the game. Your team cannot defeat us without the babysitting act by Germania ! And yes we call you and your alliance LOSERS !! Either you care or not your team should focus on playing baby toys at home !!

So it’s not a Conquest War at all. The idea of bringing new war was supposed to explore new treasures or resources fighting 4 teams against each others not by  teaming up two teams and wiping out other two teams from the map. One alliance being a gaurdian of another loser team simply means that this is not a Conquest War. This war system should be completely removed from the RR2. Regular wars with some new ideas would be best for all.

Main problem is that forest has defense rate 1.3 and on same moment lowers the offense rate to 0.7. As a bonus, watchtower also adds extra defense. So when raiding a watchtower, guarded by 5+ members will be suicidal, unless you raid with a lot of members and are prepared to wait till end of war, where you win on skulls. 

Most watchtowers will be build on forests, so logically there is some stalemate when a lot of defensive players can jump in pretty fast. For the offender there is not a lot of honor to gain there, unless he wants to have a special tile. But nowadays, better build a tower nearby and upgrade it to a higher level than the owner to claim it. 

Unless they can avoid supreme victory and let their members be in such a war for 23:30 and win on skulls, it’s not smart to declare a war, needing a lot of your team. Say half of your team goes into such a war, the rest then needs to defend the watchtowers they already build. So that’s why strong teams definitely don’t go declare wars against equally strong teams for sure after a few days of conquest.

The setup of conquest isn’t perfect. We only score points by building new watchtowers, not for beating other teams. Having said that, we also see wars declared on resources, just to make sure the two other teams can’t take them. So two alliances deliberately declare wars on those and let the team who owns them win. Easy way of protection. 

We know the feeling! We are currently being wiped out by 3 Alliances (That all agreed not to attack each other) Ranked between 130-250 with 60-65 members in each Alliance… While we are ranked 437 with 35 members… We stand no chance against them especially because they are attacking us in 15 member groups all at once.


Conquest set completely different requirement on players - and might have been a mistake to introduce. We have players who still like RR2 but are not playing conquest.

If you want conquest removed then talk to Flaregames.

Don’t whine because some alliances have taken better advantage of the game options. Learn and progress.

wow bunch of sore losers. Lost because they failed to negotiate a deal with the stronger teams. Losing is fine. Losing and then insulting both teams who are stronger just because they team up? LOL what sore losers.