Conquest and alliances Collusion

First of all, there are various countries

Generally speaking, countries that do not understand words are disadvantageous

Let’s say that all of them are the same strength of the same scale

Who do you call the first time with three alliances?

Which alliance will you call at the very end?

Please tell me the reason why you choose that alliance…

example ①

”お元気ですか Alliance”           Leader IGN ”おかげさまで” General IGN "ありがとう”

”สบายดี หรือ ครับ  Alliance ” Leader IGN ”สบายดี ครับ” General IGN ”ขอขอบคุณ”

“How are you  Alliance”  Leader IGN ”I’m fine"            General IGN      “Thank you”

example ②

”Nasıl Alliance”            Leader IGN ”iyim” General IGN "Teşekkür ”

”你好吗 Alliance ” Leader IGN ”很好” General IGN ”謝謝”

“Comment allez vous  Alliance”  Leader IGN ”Je vais bien"              General IGN      “Merci”

example ③

”Khỏe không Alliance”           Leader IGN ”Tôi rất khỏe” General IGN "Cảm ơn”

”Как дела Alliance ” Leader IGN ”Хорошо” General IGN ”Спасибо”

“Wie geht es dir Allaiance”  Leader IGN ”Mir geht es gut."            General IGN      “Danke”


Conquest does not know the alliance at all ,
Of course, I think that it will not be a fair game unless you try a game where all members to which it belongs are not known.

It is good to know the Opponent  when the match ends

(There are many hints to find the alliance yet… People who spend more time searching for it will also be unusual.)


It is going to be a comfortable match for anyone to choose an alliance that makes it easier for the game system to fight fairly.

Are you unaware of this forum site or what? This is the discussion forum of Flaregames. They see what we discuss here and which is considered as the feedback for them. You need to learn how to the play game like a player not by dealing with another team to save you to win the war. 


And you called negotiating and begging to win the war means taking advantage? So, when did Flaregames introduced this game option officially to make a deal with another alliance during Conquest War? You need to learn and progress by playing this game fairly not being a crybaby and asking other alliance to save your a** !!

ouch !! It seems you belong to the same negotiating group. You have no idea what we are talking here about. We are not the team who wants to win war by making an agreement with strong team. We can face strong team and can fight whether we win or lose but we will not beg another strong team to help winning the war. And yes losing is fine but fairly not by making deal to win. And those who support this teaming up themselves are sore losers not us. 

Please let me remind you of our code of conduct. Please be nice to each other. ?

I understand how this Conquest war works. And FYI, we have played well and won First Conquest War. The only thing what we are saying is that the Conquest War should be played fairly not by making agreement between two teams.

Come on! Some of your Generals asked for a deal too!


In sted of useing all your energi in here complaning about how unfair this conquist is to your ally rusanS. You better start fighting, or else  your ally loose another fight to Danish Knights. This time 13 knights against your 22

Come on, this here is for technical issues. For your kind of problems I would suggest the sandbox.

There are agreements since the beginning of alliances in RR2, this is absolutely nothing new.

LOL!! oh yes that’s all what you can say when there is no other excuse.

We don’t care anymore. Please grow up and learn to play game being a player not a child asking for help to win.

So, you too belongs to the negotiating group who always win war by making a deal? lol

If yes then keep it up and make RR2 deal to win game, not a tactical game. God bless you.

Well, we have obviously signed up for RR2 for different reasons. I have chosen it as a war strategy game with all the nuances that comes with it. We win some and lose some. 

In my book I have indeed played the game within the options available.

You seem to be looking for a game with no interaction among players. I think RR fits that description, otherwise check the app section for children games build up so players meet no or minimum resistance. 

I am well aware of the forum and purpose. I simply suggested you to address your frustrations (possibly even with constructive ideas) to flaregames rather than trash talking your opponents. That is not the purpose of this forum.

A friend record application came from two alliances at night and was surrounded the next morning after receiving this
And it matches simultaneous shoots many times.
It was a person who is examining whether it is online using a friend record application

A man who only tells me HELLO・・・

Royal Revolt 2 2018_09_07 9_41_02.jpg

I do not understand his standards at what time it will be necessary.

Royal Revolt 2 2018_09_07 16_38_15.jpg

As I woke up in the morning I sent this message to those who only say HELLO because they were surrounded. In case

I told them that they had disappointed that they attacked them without explanation of friend registration.

And of course I cut it. I noticed that the two allies sent a friend request to check whether I was online

It would have been a pleasant conquest except my alliance.

They have companions on the other side.
There is an alliance declaring that only a minimum amount of reward is needed next to it.
Because their enemies are only Aslan 777

We also enjoyed it. Next is your turn。。。 The criteria they choose is by no means strength

The criterion to choose is humans who are easy to talk, people of the same kind as themselves

Do you want a game like us?

Is it wonderful to laugh when you have friends and can easily control?

Or wait for the revenge opportunity to withstand the fight from two?


Please answer your favorite position. ")


This is the splendor of conquest mode.

Please use this image to explain the conquest mode of RR 2.

”Let’s Shoot your Target your opponent together with your friends alliance for 8 days”

”A lonely alliance enjoys revenge ♪"

People like this, do not they?

It will be painful for more than three days if you name the alliance or members of this game.

Is there  strategy recommended by this game?

Clearly I do not want to play this anymore.
Even if I win this revenge.
It is not because there are no friends.

I do not like idiots playing such things.


I’m sure I will talk and do not attack if there is a friend’s alliance.

So Collusion is a natural occurrence.

Hide the desire to enjoy the game with my friends …This is a waste  …Friends can be fun even rivals.

I would like to enjoy a game like chess that displays anonymously only the color of the pieces except the minimum status display.

It would be nice to know your friend’s alliance after the match’s opponent who got the highest heat gone.


We refused to be total jerks. Letting everyone build even tho we could have cleared the board! In first, yes…

Letting the little allies build?, YES

We remember what it’s like to be in flares mismatched crappola. 

Try not to be jerks to little allies… it’s bad karma!

2strong teams !? your alliance is lower than us we will wiped your alliance if you guys didnt attack us with full member at start although u guys barely defeated us with full power and thats why your alliance have lower global ranking  
the only way you could win is with collusion and beg for winning