Conquest and alliances Collusion

I think hiding names/Alliances would end most of the teamups for Conquests. I have my doubts whether the game logic could support this though.

Did you never lose a war season in common wars with 0 fiefs?


What team are you residing? United Iran? You are not in our conquest, I am part of ‘Genie And Master’, the team without dot. So you either quoted wrong guy or you are angry for something else. I am not part of a team attacking with full members, since we have players from all over the world, we would not be able to do so.

We asked for peace on both neighbors, one team broke the treaty. 

In our conquest we are weakest, but we showed the team that broke treaty who has smartest strategy. We lost a fight 24 versus 21, but we knew they will lose a lot of troops (soldiers).

So we immediately jumped in after being defeated and locked a lot of their members in a spot we will deliberately lose within 20 hours. For them the conquest is over, this is the last fight for those 17 opponent members. That’s calling sacrificing some strong defenses to neutralize them, if they get close to supreme victory, we just will add some more players to prevent them to win by supreme victory. They can’t declare any longer when that war will finish and since at another spot they are in a huge fight, we now can go destroy their watchtowers that are unprotected. Of course we hold enough players aside to neutralize any possible backup.

Instead of becoming second, now they probably will end last. That’s the reward for breaking a promise.

Flare has write off our clan Spec Grupa at the beginnig before the new sezon have started.
They had no reason to put a ban on two our friends accounts. They were one of ours top
players. That caused that we started season in totally botched-up squad. As if that weren’t enough
we pull much stronger enemies from the top of alliances… We didn’t stand a chance to win…

Seems to be an interesting move. That’s what the conquest makes interesting.


This is us right now getting wiped out by the 3 alliances that “made agreements” with each other… We are not making it easy for them although we know that we stand no chance… We’ll continue to fight until the end! We win some and lose some but at the end of the day our team agreed that they rather win or lose by fighting and not by making “agreements” with another alliance… If winning Conquest means that we’ll have to make agreements with another alliance it looks like we won’t be participating in conquest anymore. 


We did a total cease fire in our map. Best way to protest conquest? Let all alliances get max rewards and stop wasting your alliance gold and gems while everybody gets free pro chests, pets, alliance gold and boosts. We get free rewards and flare loses money, I fail to see the loser here besides a snake tower boost if that’s what you’re looking for.

Well… You should see our map.  Like I said we were clearly the weakest on this map. Even some good players had troubles scoring descent skulls against many of the opponents. 

Now latest standings. It’s a surprise, where nobody of my team did hold reckon with. We were close to losing a huge war where a lot of players joined from both sides after a team breaking their promise. They suddenly out of the blue attacked us, we discovered their leader gave the order. 

Then a Russian team (all credits to them, they prove to hold promise) suddenly came to the rescue by declaring a war on a level 2 watchtower of the other team, guarding a special tile that will become ours if the others lose that tile.

So the team who broke the peace treaty suddenly came into deep trouble and added a lot of members to that war. We realized what it meant. After they would win against us, they would join that war with a lot of players currently in war with us. So after we lost, we immediately jumped on that tile to keep them there. 17 out of 21 players couldn’t go anywhere. It’s smart, since they also lose individual troops, so it’s more easy to keep them there.

As a bonus, their claimed land was totally unprotected. So we are now busy destroying their watchtowers and am focusing now on breaking the watchtower that gives them access to the big war with our Russian friends. We will jump on any Polish player coming nearby. We will do our ultimate best to help our Russian friends to win that huge war. 

As a bonus, we will make sure to keep them busy till no war can be declared any longer. This move was a brilliant one, locking players in one spot.

Now we make a good chance to become second. We already destroyed a watchtower near a special tile. They heavily bleed conquest points now. So it even is lucrative, having good friends on the map. 

If Flare want to develop a match to find friendship, please format it as a tag match from the beginning.



Matching is strange because of poor statistic. Yep my alliance suffered it lat time. But still. If people can’t talk and be resonable it sucks! Current map is so clear that every alliance could take all box prices. We r trying to help others on map but one alliance wants to show how r they great and everyone suffers because of it :slightly_frowning_face:

I like your posts!

There is a deal, broken by one alliance. 

You reacted and strike back together with another friendly alliance.

This is real strategy. This is the way to fight against stronger alliances!!!

Good luck! Good job so far ?

To continue with the story…

The friendly Russian team did beat them and destroyed a level 2 watchtower in a huge war. Our job was done pretty well by members, destroying watchtowers to break the chain of claimed land, so that no more members of the deal breakers could join that war. On purpose I don’t say the name of other teams, no need to burn anyone to the ground. It’s a game, so it’s for having fun and we had fun.

The deal breakers had 250 conquest score, before they broke the pact. Loss of that level 2 tower cost them 31 points (a special tile of 15+ points was lost). We did the rest of the damage, bringing them back to 144 points. We couldn’t believe they didn’t protect any watchtowers and just jumped with a lot of members in two wars. So we attacked a few towers, no backup troops coming to protect. 

For the rest it was making sure that those 18 players didn’t win the war before it was too late to start a new war. 

Now current standings they are now reduced to 144 conquest points. So we did raid where it hurt, even a special tile we now will get after destroying the nearby watchtower. 

Now we are building watchtowers to get some more score, so in the end it’s real strategy indeed.

We will send special regards to our Russian friends, we owe you our gratitude for helping us to hurt the deal breakers. I have the deepest respect for them, honor who deserves honor. Thanks to them, we will probably end on second place. 

Now it’s just building, inspecting and wait for conquest to end. We will stay in the 200 layer, it’s fine with us. 

Thank you for your comment @CATO. Hope your team did well. 

Nice story. It should give some people insight as to how to strike a deal as it’s part of strategy. If a player comes as tell me “hey you’re the strongest team on the map and we’re the weakest so you must protect us”, like as if they are entitled to such a right, I’ll just ignore it. 

Oh come on, you guy are being so salty and rude right now. Yes i know it fun when you win and not when you loose but being salty over  it is not necessary here . They just play by using logic that will get them most resources and less trouble . Point out problem about the system is fine but raging and insult other people because you simply not in favorable situation is so immature . 

My team Germania1 is accused in this topic cause we were to strong and collaborated with Danish Knights ?

All I want to say is:

Deal can be part of a strategy.

But indeed. For us this conquest was a little bit frustrating cause of our total superiority. We hope for a better Matchmaking next conquest. Maybe next time we are the weakest alliance on the map. But we won’t complain. It’s just a situation to handle.

Your posts are really good examples for other alliances to handle such situations an having fun thus most of your players aren’t able the overpowered bases of your “enemies”

Why are we rude and salty now? Okay, we were fortunate that some teams stand for their word and keep it at any cost. That you weren’t able to make such a deal, is not our fault.

We as underdog did what we had to do, just to prevent the deal breakers to bring our partner into trouble while they were helping us. So it was fun to lock in a lot of members in a war we definitely will lose. Only intention of us was not to give them any chance to join that other war or even worse, destroy our watchtowers. 

We weren’t the team who broke the peace treaty. And it’s not our mistake not having any backup plan remaining when players inside a war can’t help or prevent damage. In the end it was checkmate by just that move, sacrifice members with only intention keeping them on that spot without the option to leave till less than a day was remaining.

That’s something to think about with these new supreme victory conditions. Have a huge group on a tile, the risk is that you are locked in by opponents for a while or for the rest of the conquest, who have troops nearby to sacrifice and keep you there. They don’t have to beat you, but when you can’t leave a spot, you can’t assist elsewhere.

The rest of your empire can be in great danger, as soon as a good highway of claimed land is build by other teams. 

I think he was referring to the one who insulted germania1

Ok, I see. Thanks



Yup, i didn’t see you insult other team, you are fine ?

Can you point out that insult?

I can not make out until you say it clearly.

However, the difference between insults in the game and insults in the forum

Insulting in the game does not appear unless it takes a record.

The insult here is that he received an accusation that it is such an alliance.

”It is not worth the conversation to collide with this leader, they are convenient so they just sent a friend’s request. In case”

Do not you think this as an insult when this decision is made arbitrary?
Country  language  · Ethnicity · Gender · Alliance size or myself?

Why do I need to get such rudeness? Why do not you prosecute before they next run it to other people?

To point out properly.
For them. For other people, for RR 2 as well.

If I do not like being pointed out I will ask you to improve the system. It will be at the same time.

This is rude and bullying. There is no future for games that enjoy this.