Conquest approaching... ughhhh

So I almost live in fear as I see the conquest mode growing closer…

Are there any updates of what will be changed ? Or fixed? What should we be expecting?

1: Are we expecting another 8 day long 24x7 insanity?.. [Not playing if so]

2: Are we expecting updates to the chat area so we can competently communicate with our players? The chat area is antiquated and needs basic functions like cut and paste for translations.

3: Are we expecting better instructions to players so that leaders and generals are not forced to do that job alone?

4: Are we expecting the ability to opt out if we wish not to participate in a particular months conquest?

Will we be provided a list of changes and updates to the conquest mode in advance, or will we just be thrown into it to decipher on our own again?

personally I just wish we were having some ninjas… 

However , I want to properly prepare my team. So it would be nice to know what we are expecting? That way we can decide if we want to even leave the castle?

Anxious to hear what will change ? Or if it will be the same thing as before?


What I wanna know is, will the “protest” continue xD I’m pretty sure many stopped the “protest” during the BS event ?

Hi Kuska,

We are working on 2 overviews (tipps/changes) atm. I will let the community know when they are done. :slight_smile:

Flare still has 9 days to implement changes. Hopefully they can get at least a few in before this upcoming Conquest

The complaints about the conquest, we have heard enough. Flaregames knows the timing problems and will correct them gradually. For once we have a new game mode, with an interesting system, a tactical implementation and a need for coordination in the alliance. I find that very interesting.
Those who complain do not play for more than 4 years, have not witnessed any progressive improvements. Now, you need everything right now. You do not remember the first waiting time of ninjas? There was a correction. The rewards of ninjas? There was a correction. The rewards of war? There was a correction.
Let’s be patient, learn more about this second conquest and see if it’s better or not.
And nobody forces you to intervene every 2 hours, there are generals for that.

I would add that a shorter conquest would be a bad idea. It is necessary to improve the timing, the fast victories (so that one is the time of reaction, especially in a day of work) and the rewards (completely derisory at the moment). Rewards during conquest would be a good idea, with why not creating reward for covenant gold.



Do I need to put on a diaper in preparation for the conquest strategy? (`・ω・´)ゞ ”Yes!ma’am!”

Should I put the hemorrhoid bullet under the computer monitor? (`・ω・´)ゞ ”Yes!ma’am!”

Do I buy case for Red Bull so as not to get a break? (`・ω・´)ゞ ”Yes!ma’am!”

Do whatever please order! I do not need a salary! (`・ω・´)ゞ ”Yes!ma’am!Yes!ma’am!Yes!ma’am!”

? hahaha!   It is definitely an interesting game to let this passionate… I sleep properly and I will send my child to this time

Let us wait with comments till new conquest updates. I am also affraid of this timing issues. If it stays this way the most resonable way out is to not participate ?

Exactly.  It is insane for a general or leaders.  We have a life too.    The older conquest disturbed my work deliverbles and could not get my alliance down.   In short,. I was so happy when it was over.   Anyway, kuska summary is lovely.   Will wait for updates from madlen.   I am sure flare is planning some changes.  Conquest 2 will be unplayable if it is exactly same as conquest 1.   We have a life.  Need a opt out button at the least.    My WhatsApp will explode,. And rr2 will attempt to take over my life and cannot watch that a second time.  


I have played since the game was released! So well over 4 years now.

And I am a leader,  so yes I was forced to intervene every 2 hours and my messenger was exploding every time I tried to sleep.

Yes, I have seen bad releases and changes that followed.

I was asking for updates on the progress since the thing is due to start again in 8 days. 



Not nearly enough, imo. It’s a *****ty mode and it’s not that interesting. You just gotta have a strong alliance with people willing to neglect their families, jobs, friends, etc for 8 days. Coordinate 60 people playing at different times of the day is very burdening to leaders and generals. And don’t even get me started with the rewards.

Plus, even if Flare fix these problems, I think it’ll still be bad. I could be wrong, that’s why I’m willing to wait until the next one before I decide to quit.

Yes, they should add an option so that an alliance can opt not to play the conquest!

One of the best ways for Flare to be aware of the players preferences is by feedback, I’ve been playing this game before the existance of alliances, I even played RR 1. The first conquest was a significant change of the game dynamics. Instead of a casual/semicasual game, the conquest mode leans towards a more time consuming and live cooperative game. Personally, I won’t play conquest if the time consuming remains, in comparison, I’ve played similar games without the board, and are less time consuming because there is the option of being invulnerable/hidden for a while (i.e. while sleeping, working, etc)

Correct.  I have played rr1 and rr2 from April 2014.   Seen all the ups and downs. Thanks for the entertainment and enjoyment   But was never as fustrated as conquest.  

Please confirm about in game communication,. The time needed to play needs to get better or give opt out option. 

Every other improvement might not matter if leaders and generals have to struggle coordinating 65 folks across time zones, and playing like a crazy during working hours.

Game should be a stress buster after a good day of work and nother way around.

Looking forward to updates from cm on this.

If an Alliance doesn’t partecipate to Conquest (players less than 15) it will be calculate as 0 won points ?

When can we expect info about upcoming conquest changes?

Probably halfway through the conquest ?

Hopefully before the next Conquest starts. Flare seriously needs to make these changes before the next one, cause if they don’t, I think we’ll be seeing a flood of players leaving the game

Your opt out button is to temporarily leave your alliance and join an alliance that is not doing conquest.

Nope.  Does not work that way.  Since. I have a long history with my alliance, donation history resets to 0,. No fun in that unfortunately.  Once I am in my alliance, I am in ?