Conquest approaching... ughhhh

What a horrible suggestion?would certainly not leave my alliance over conquest #2? What a joke. How incredibly unloyal that idea is? We work as a team. Already discussed as a team on our end … jumping alliances is never a good answer. Working as a team is! Even if that is skipping the conquest as a team!!

And lose 8 days of gold donation for every player that leaves ? 

That is not a realistic suggestion. 

The only reason I put up with 8 days of madness is for my team and other folks who are playing.  I would and could not let them down.   More over as general, I had to keep up with the planning and help there too.  Team spirit, loyalty, donating at times extra with hard earned gems,.  Making friends is one of the best aspects of the game.   Would never leave and ditch my friends in a way that hurts them

Anyways.   Will wait for updates from flare.  Hope they got the point anyways.    

Others can join the alliance.

If you don’t wanna participate in the conquest, just stay in your stronghold and do nothing

Floaters are one of the irritating aspects.  They come and go as if the alliance is a hotel.  We generals maintain an Excel tracking folks who just come and go so that we don’t accept them again.  They just come sniffing for boosts after war,. Donation daily is not reliable and there is no loyalty.


Anyways. We are going off topic.

Not an option for loyal folks.  If 20 members sit in stronghold and do nothing, then we let remaining 45 down who are trying hard to win.   So for the sake of my friends,. I will not be idle.  That is the whole issue.      This is too time consuming and at the same time cannot just sit and do nothing when my friends are at war.   Anyways.    I am tuning out.  Will wait for updates

I’m talking about the entire alliance. Not single players. If the Alliance decides to participate, then the rest should participate as well. It’s up to the leaders to decide whether or not the conquest is worth playing, with the changes they implement. And at the end of the day, only the leaders can put up scores by building watchtowers. When the leaders decide not to play, the rest can move as much as they want :wink: But you can still run around if you want and maybe get some gems from wars

Don’t have to REALLY play conquest if you don’t want to, just build your towers, get your chests, if any enemy comes, just message them “hey, we are not really playing, go ahead, take that special tile” and if you keep your words, no one is really going to attack your towers. Break your promise, and more often that not, the entire opposing team will just be hungry for bloodlust and they will come after you even if it doesn’t benefit them.

Yes, i try it but when a stronger team tell you “we don’t want deal, you are weaker than us”… what do you do ? :slight_smile: It’s really frustrating then

Lol which team said that to you? Well if your members are willing to play, naturally, you’ll go to the second best team and say “I’ll help you to get first, if you can help us just reach there minimum number for chests”. Then, team up to take out that team who rejected you.

It can gives you 2 cool weeks without RR. 1st with conquest and 2nd to pass most of the conquest boosts XD.

Personally I don’t like whole conquest idea. For this one I will just stay to donate resources, mayby make some moves. Time maners make it not playable for me. As for conquest agreements and talking between teams I think it is an opportunity to take out very strong oponent but is it the idea of this game? Mayby so, I don’t know :grinning:   I also must say that I have no better idea so mayby this one is better than none. As for me it’s week as the idea of pushing ogers and beasts XD.

Still not a single word about what will change/improve/worsen for conquest? It starts in five days!

The only input that we had so far is that our feedback (?) has been given to the devs and that the rewards will be better next time (60 gems is better than 50).

How can we decide if it’s worth saving for the ridiculously overpriced buildings, if we still have no idea about what will change. And with the weekend coming, no info will be released before Monday, I guess ?

like Galamorgan liked to say for each update who frustrated everyone : Why spoil the change and all. Better to discover all changes by yourself :grinning:

And that’s why she’s gone to discover different things now

Well, Domikick, in case you didn’t know, she’s still part of the flare staff, she’s just not the CM anymore. She’s still helping out with updates and everything

I told my team not to spend one more gem on conquest anything until we see more about what it becomes. 

I don’t want them wasting resources for anything to do with it like it was last time.

So we are not putting any alliance gold or gems into conquest anything at this point! They didn’t even get ample rewards for what they already spent. 

And yes… it’s the weekend… and not 1 lousy word on what to expect? 

So If they do make any changes… the leaders and generals will be scrambling to get that informationto the players at the last minute. 

Again,  extremely disappointing☹??

I’m pretty sure she’s a huuuuuge help ?

Just hope they will not announce change in middle of the next Conquest

I’m starting to think they’re already too late to give us info on any conquest changes. Does flare work on weekends?