Conquest Average Score: Show It!

Here’s an idea, when we click on the average in conquest to simply show our last 3 conquest scores to alleviate some outside documentation for us playing the game, considering it tells you what they are (last 3 conquest events) and uses the calculations, but does not display them nor the order of the last 3 averages (and therefore which of the last 3 scores you’ll be losing). Having them available in-game would greatly aid alliances in understanding conquest and their tiers better, and once again help the community adapt to conquest and the strategies behind it. Thank you, I want conquest to be successful and that’s another simple quality-of-life thing that will help everybody whether they like it or not.

I like this. This is also there for War, so why not add it for Conquests too?

I like this.

Going a step further, you could have a Conquest history similar to the War history, where you can check your alliance’s performance in past events.

I like this suggestion but I would also like to see the alliance home page show what tier the alliance is in. This way, players from the outside can see whether the alliance is active in the Conquest or not. It would be quite helpful in my opinion