Conquest: better tracking of resources donated

This is how we see the donation of resources now:


Instead of showing the same thing in 2 different screens, can you make it so one of them shows how many times each resource was sent?
Like this:

Troops        Stones        Wisdom
    5x                5x                  5x

… that would make it soooo much faster to track the donations and see who is sending resources correctly every day and who isn’t, instead of having to multiply the days by the different building levels of each member to check that.

Would also be a way to see who have high numbers from making extra donations and who is just very active and collecting them from the map.

Maybe add both things to that “detail screen”? The number of times resources were sent from the buildings and the number of times they were collected from special tiles?

Conquest coordination and managing tools are severly lacking.

You have a good idea here.

This idea seems to get high traction by the community and should also be feasible. Moving this to “interesting ideas”.

Can u also make the “harvest all” button harvest the stronghold resources too? it s a lot more convemient this way rather than going to the stronghold and then clicking on each of the 3 stronghold buildings

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