Conquest Blocking/Remaining Troops

Blocking crowds of troops

A crowed of for example 30 players at 1 field can be blocked by only 3 players during the whole conquest.
That could be a tactic but I think it’s not the target of the conquest mode and it’s not making fun.
To prevent this there could be for example the following 2 options:

  • after a attack is finished this field is blocked for 4 hours before the next attack can be started
    –> so the player have time to spread again.
  • after a attack is finished the winner alliance get a really big defense bonus if they get attacked again at the same field during the next 4 hours.

Remaining troops

In the tech tree there is the possibility to research “30% remaining troops (if war lost)”
But if an alliance with this research is winning a war it’s possible that they have only 10% remaining troups…
So there should be also a research for “at least 30% remaining troops (if war won)” or it should be included in the research mentioned above.