Conquest boost for alliances who lost in CQ




after every CQ we have the same

alliances can prolong the boost, even if they didnt win it

can you fix it now?

This topic should go to “Bugs & Technical Problems”.

This is strange why isn’t there like in war season a msg like “This boost has reached its maximum extension” that blocks further extension ?


There is.

The problem is that the game lets you prolong the conquest boosts somewhere after Conquest starts.

This issue has been reported many times but never fixed.

Last time there was maintenance performed shortly after CQ ended (I assumed it was to correct the prolonged boost bug).  Hopefully they find the issue and fix it permanently but there may be situations where teams can prolong ill-gotten boosts much longer if it falls on the holidays (such as the last week of December 2018) and no maintenance is done to correct it.

Hi there, the issue for which this thread has been opened on the 19th of March has been fixed, but we are looking into the issue why the problem keeps on happening. Thank you! :slight_smile: