Conquest Boost Rewards Change

What I’m suggesting here, is that we can get a change on how we get rewards in the Conquest. The boost rewards, I mean. We’re always going for the same things. Let me explain, whichever tier a team is in, you need so many points to get to unlock the boost. At the end of the alliance rewards which you get by obtaining Conquest points, the boost is always the same: Heavenly Haven. Why can’t we go for the Trioxin Tower, or the Twisted Trickster, or the Viking boost? Why do we have to place in the Top 3 to get those? In my opinion the boosts should change positions every Conquest. It should have some sort of cycle. For instance: 1st Conquest - Heavenly Haven, 2nd Conquest - Trioxin Tower, 3rd - Twisted Trickster, 4th - Whatever the Viking the boost is called . My point is, instead of getting the same alliance reward EVERY time, it should be switched up a little bit