Conquest Boost Test!


Hey AK, how do you make your videos? I am on Win 10 pc and it lets me record video, but I found later- no sound- on some Xbox app that came with the computer.  I wish I could edit it because I was trying to make a conquest tutorial for our alliance, but I am the least computer savvy person in the country!  I need to either add audio to the video or caption it, but I’m not sure how to do either.

Your videos seem to come out good for you- is there a specific program you use?


You could use a screen and audio capturing program or use the one windows 10 has built in. Press the Windows key + G, I believe, and you can use it to record screens. There’s likely a setting in there that lets you record sound too, but I’m not sure where it would be

Yep, @KingThunderbolt4, Click the Windows key + the G key to unlock the Xbox game bar. From there you can take videos. An important side note would be that you have to be sure to download the Xbox Game Bar app. I’m not sure but you might have to download the Xbox app (which should be free with Windows 10) as well before getting this to work. Hope this helps

2 Method

1.Use the main Windows 10 game DVR by press Win Icon +Alt + R to start and stop. You can find settings in Windows Settings --> Gaming

2.You can use AMD Adrenaline with AMD Relive if you have a GPU of AMD and NVIDIA Experience with Shadow Play if you have a GTX


what the difference between this three? I have a Youtube Channel and test it (Not Shadow Play I don’t have a GTX but its the same like AMD so not big difference)

Windows Game DVR


  • Smooth and really make great video

  • Easy to use with Win + Alt + R. Easy to configure


  • Huge Size File because by default video are recorded in 41K bitrate (its similar to 50 Mbps in AMD Relive) No way to drop it

  • Audio caped at 192 Kbps. No choice to add more

  • Don’t record the darkness perfectly. If you play a game who is dark. the video will look like in day or close. With brightness

AMD Relive or Shadow Play


  • Record perfectly what you see in your screen. If the game is dark the video will be dark. This app reproduce perfectly the brightness in game

  • You can adjust yourself Mbps. So if you want light size video you chose 10 or 20 Mbps. If you want heavy but full quality you chose 50 Mbps

  • Audio can be set over 192 Kbps. So 256,320,etc…


  • Can be hard to settings if you don’t understand well all the meanings of each stuffs

  • lag and slutter. Same with a very high end GPU

  • Handbrake don’t reduce the size like with Windows Game DVR

Do I have need others app?

Yes I use handbrake who reduce at 50% or more the size of the video. The best if you have a limited data plan internet

You can also try OBS Studios. Many use this one to make video or for streaming live

for add audio or edit video :