Conquest bug - Boosts can be prolonged past the next Conquest

I’ve noticed that lots of alliances that did NOT get 2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (ended today) STILL have the Snake Tower and Gargoyle boost active.

I’m guessing they earned these boosts in last month’s Conquest and extended both of them past this Conquest, so they still have them.


This has to be a bug, right?


If not, they just paid a very high price for this already.

Post the names here


they ended on 4th and still have all conquest boosts on.

RL had aswell all boosts, but fg fixed the bug rly fast on our side :slight_smile:  



@Madlen looks like this bug has returned. 

I see alliances that did NOT earn 1st/2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (which ended Monday) that continue to have the Einherjar/Trioxin/Twisted Trickster boost active.

It appears they are able to extend their Conquest boosts past the end of Conquest.

Can you provide an example? 

Alliance of Ghosts didn’t win first (I think they came in third), yet Einherjar and Trioxin are still active.

image.png image.png


Aldefed from Alliance of Ghosts even brings this up on Friday that they were able to extend the boost past the Conquest event.




AYB came in 4th place… still has Einherjar/Trioxin activated.

Its an absolute joke to introduce a new feature and then have crashes during game play and past bugs resurface.

Is this problem solved?  It was.  Now it’s back. 



This bug was solved, but it’s really back now.

Looks like a very Merry Christmas for unlimited Conquest boosts! ?

Unbelievable. Cheaters get supported, Alliances that don’t deserve boosts get supported. They can’t keep the game fair. People who play fair will always get treated worse than those who play fair…

Ofc we all would prolong those boosts if we could, even though we didn’t win them, but that’s not the point. The point is that fg does nothing, they just ignore everything. Good job

Just to bump this back up. 

Hopefully the bug will be addressed this time for extending conquest boosts past the event.  Teams got a free ride last time and the ones that fought hard to win their conquest boosts were the losers. 

Hey guys,

Thanks for showing the issue to us again. We’re working on it.

VL ended on 3rd but they still have the boosts Trioxin-Tower (snaketower boost) & Einherja (2nd viking boost) activated. 

Pls help them to get their gold back :slight_smile:  

@Madlen @Sasch


Last maintenance fixed it.  Thank you.

Hopefully this bug gets squished permanently?