Conquest Bug - Removing Troops in Stronghold

Hi!  We have a player who is busy and can’t participate anymore this conquest.  I tried to remove the troops assigned to him, but the minus button isn’t working.  I can’t remove the troops from any of the players sitting in the stronghold.  Now those troops won’t be available for active players.  Would you please fix this? Thanks!

Thanks for all the changes since the last conquest.  Great job Flare!


Sorry Xalell, but currently there is no feature to remove troops that have already been assigned to somebody. The minus only serves to adjusting the exact amount of troops you want to assign. (E.g. You hold down the plus button to give a player a huge amount of troops. Then you notice, the number is too high. You can use the minus button to make the number smaller again. But as soon as you have tapped the “assign” button, you cannot remove the troops anymore.)

Think this is a very good idea and might consider suggesting it in “Ideas & feature requests”.  Would be useful if troops are assigned, later member can’t play for some reason, but Alliance needs troops.