Conquest bug with timers

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again here. There is a bug with orders leading to tiles with a timer after losing a battle. Orders to such tiles with a timer on them cannot be cancelled and heroes with such an order will not know what to do as they cannot enter that tile either. The button to do so isn’t even displayed. Pease fix it so that these orders can actually be cancelled. Thanks.

We have the same issues. Players keep asking what to do because they read the orders to go to that tile, while the battle is already over. 

Alliance: Last Bread Fighters

IGN: Master Miikael

Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting this. We’re aware of the issue and were already working on it. It will be fixed with the upcoming update.

Hi Sasch, thanks for following up on this. Have you already deployed a fix? The issue is not there anymore (at least in my alliance) and I haven’t seen any compensation chest, server maintenance or what so ever.