Conquest bug

Is still possibile to see all the alliances in the conquest map, without have met a member of them! ?


We noticed that as well… ?

Should be fixed with the next version.

Not for all:

not here ?


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Posted 12 hours ago

Hi guys,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this Live Server Update, we fixed an issue about alliances not being sorted into the correct tier for the conquest.

Have fun in conquest ⚔️!



Breaking news to Flare!

This update is a complete failure again. The sorting of alliances in Conquest is a farce with many reports of huge issues in matching of teams.

We are a level 22 alliance and our opposition are levels 70, 49 and 57 respectively. Certainly looks like you fixed the problem!


i’m having 'nam flashbacks

Can someone explain to me how the opposition troops can have 300 troops with them. 

The standard is 200 with an extra 20 available after research.

Could it be another bug or am i just too ***** to get this whole Conquest event?

The higher the Alliance HQ level, the higher the amount of troops everyone can have. So no bug this time. ?

OK thanks for explaining.