Conquest building

I’m not planning on leaving my alliance anytime soon. But what if I do? Do I have to start the building over again?  I heard the cost of these building is 24k gems to reach max. @PaSte @Pete 

Three buildings of yours which needs gems to be upgraded are permanent. They won’t reset if you leave any Ally. The 5 middle buildings are upgraded using alliance Gold. So when you leave that Ally you will loose the progress but when u join back or another you will get those buildings back ( level depends on that allinace’s progress)

what about the building level?? Is the building lv saved after upgrade or it need to be upgraded after every conquest. Or it will be fixed like AT. Asking about those 3 individual building which require gems to upgrade.


They stay What ever lvl you build, like ally tower 

Since for Builders quarters from lv 4 to 5 takes only 6h. Doesn’t sound like permanent to me.

The time really isn’t what’s the matter here, I’m pretty sure it’s the cost. You shouldn’t have to start over when not many players have a ton of spare gems just laying around

Just wait and see … if after some time there are players kicking off about leaving ally and after joining another buildings reset then you know… 

@Lisa can confirm the answer to this question please :slight_smile: