Conquest chests need Pal Food

Please consider Pal food in Conquest chests.

Please no! I’d much rather get Pals than Pal Food. We already get our fill of Pal Food from the Pro League and Daily Pal Chests

with all the festivals and conquest chests, we all have all the pals.  we need to feed them now !

the only need for pals is for alliance donation.

so some food in conquest chests is welcome.

Please don’t get greedy. No need for extra pal food chests.

Rewards for conquest are good. During ninja event plus pro league you gain enough pal food. And in higher tiers sometimes a pro chest even gives some pal food. At least the highest 3 tiers do.

“Conquest chests need Pal Food”


They really really don’t.

Conquest pal chest are amazing. 20 pals in the top tier, 15 in the 2nd highest.

It’s a really great boost for alliances.

@Dena4 top tier, never seen pal food.  didn’t ask for extra chests but for chest contents to be changed.

@ARREBIMBA already said about alliance pal donations, i didn’t ask for pals to be removed from conquest, rather a mix of pals and food.


medium / high players need different pals for different bases.  you cant feed them with just pl/ninja/$ offers.


and some pals like Eris need lvl 9 to be effective, i’m not gona explain why, its beyond the scope of this request.



Played a lot of times tier 3, next time tier 2. Out of those pro chests, 1-2 rewards I received as pal food, but most rewards are crystals, items and sometimes pearls. I know we need tons of pal food, I also have enough pals that need to be upgraded to 8+. 

they just added pal food to conquest chests with the new upgrade.

still not enough but its a start.

please come up with the new conquest Tiers faster, it will fix this pal food problem.