Conquest - coalition of two alliances before Conquest

We problem with activity of all members of alliance in Conquest and we want get the best rewards and boost (we love our alliance so we don’t want leave to other alliance), so I have idea.

I propose new functionality: before new Conquest (at the latest one/two day before) two alliance can decide to connect in one (they assume coalition - but only in nearest Conquest) and leader’s of two these alliances decide which players will can fight in conquest (they will ask all members who will be active/inactive) and only these players will can fight in conquest - of course max 65 players. Coalition will be possible only for the alliances on the same level’s Conquest. New coalition with the same alliance will not possible in next conquest, but will be possible maybe in fourth conquest.

Of course will be problem with rewards. I think all players (inactive too) can get all rewards too (maybe little worse, but only little)

This sounds like a very complex and difficult thing.