Conquest complaint

I dnt like to feel myself a cashcow.

this map is a wallet war.

VERY big. Very fast. And you should to build the 2-3-4 levels towers to win, cuz your towers limit will end in 2-3 days.

why? You dnt respect us, flare?


Who’s in your map?
It would be funny if it was VL + Todes + RL ?

Don’t like? Don’t play ?:v:

Yea and Japan X

With new system aa i understand we will be together forever)

Yeah, that’s what a lot of people on this forum call fairness when it’s the opposite…

I dnt think its fairness. But i think i dnt like to be pushed to spent. I can spent money, but not then im pushed

Hi cr1,

I have updated the title of your thread because “why” does not give away the topic of the thread.

Thank you.


I didnt complain about matchmake

where did you see it?

So you have the top3 alliances toguether in the map + japan (top5).

It looks like the matchmaking system worked.

I don’t know what’s your relationship with RL and Todes, but if they are working toguether against VL… good luck. You’re going to feel the pain of having 2 alliances join forces and trying to crush you. It’s super frustrating and it’s not that much fun.


This is what I’ve felt with Conquest so far and it’s what I least like about it. I bet it felt like this to most alliances too.

And it’s not ONLY a wallet size issue. Even if you spend more money, there’s also all the time and planning envolved.


ps: in the last Conquest map, remember that Sanctuary in the middle of the water? You could only get it by building a lvl3 tower. That’s a pretty clear cash grab.

In the context of your thread. Feel free to give me a factual and on-topic name that summarizes the thoughts behind this thread better. Next time, please give an appropriate name yourself. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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No matter who in on map. Game is game, nothing bqd to lose something.


the problem is the ***** idea of conquest.

i started to play in a casual game, where i didnt need need to be online forever

instead of this- conquest?

Cromka rant, that’s rarely happen ?
But I agree, hate to be kept online for longer time during CQ.
Another mess-up CQ, don’t like it at all.

One of the best reply ? deserve an Oscar. ?

I will give to her)

Hi there, if this is going to develop into a rant thread, I will lock it.

I am still waiting a bit to see if there will develop constructive value and feedback in this thread ?.



He’s complaining about the cash and time that Conquest demands.

When Cromka complains about something, there’s an higher chance that Flare’s devs listen and take some action. ?

That’s good for the rest of us too.

In the past.  When normal players complained about time, match making or anything else about conquest,    we were told,  dont like dont play.

Having said that.    I am curious on cr1 complete feedback.   Looks like for now he is saying, that to be competitive at that level,   his alliance has to spend a lot to be in that tier.    Or maybe it is 2 vs 1 and could be fustrating.   Or he is really  talking about time needed.

Dont lock thread please.  In our alliance,  multiple generals have said in chat,  sorry busy today at work or with Halloween.  We will follow orders.   But no one has time to think and play continuously.     In war it is easy,   make an attack.  And do ur thing in 24 hrs 

I personally prefer ninja war ninja conquest  and repeat again.    So 2 ninjas. 1 war,  1 conquest





Or even better: no conquest at all ?

What happened was that VL has been enjoying easy Conquest events so far. They’re so far stronger than everybody else (aside from RL and Todes), that nobody wants to attack them.

So all they have had to do is to calmly play, build their towers, enjoy a peaceful event and get all 4 awesome Conquest boosts. They have a few wars here and there (sure, they’re nice to spicy things up and get a bit of fun; maybe even gang up on a weaker alliance), but nothing major.


This time they have RL and Todes, who are probably going to do 2vs1 against VL (I don’t know where Japan stands in this). It’s possible that they will finaly have to deal with a Conquest event the same way that everyobody else has had to deal === 5 stressful, expensive and frustrating days (oh, and be happy it’s only 5 days instead of 8 like before).