Conquest Cooldown

My hero moves once and now I have to come back almost 2 hours later to move again.  Sorry, this is not fun!  My Alliance is already talking about forgetting Conquest due to the excessive cool down times.

When I go into a game I expect to play that game for a while.  Yes, I can make a move in Conquest, go fight some battles, and come back to Conquest later but that’s not acceptable to me.  I have not confirmed this but one of my Members says the cool down period after 2nd move is even longer…

EDIT: two Alliance members just confirmed each time you move the cool down increases

I agree, this cooldown period is just taking away lot of fun. Come on, I moved 5 tiles so far and still need to wait 90 minutes, before I can make next move. Since we don’t have all tiles as grass, this cool down is just wrecking. Either make the map less huge, or reduce that cool down. when a couple of days of just only moving is required to reach an opponent, this is boring. that we don’t face an opponent first day, fine, but don’t make us login a lot of times, before making any progress. 

I would suggest to reduce cool down a lot when you are closer to your stronghold and let us wait some longer the further we are away, unless we created watchtowers. Now we literally are forced to build watchtowers in the hope to speed up movement away from stronghold. 

Even building a watchtower takes 26 hours, really? The 150k gold I can live with. 

Why not make like the majority of game. Accumulate action move for each hours. Let’s say max 10 move. so we can move 1 time each hour. 10 max after 10 hours. Something like that. Its a formula who work in each war game

@Dena4  150k for watchtower???  My Alliance can’t afford that…

@Warriornator  Like your suggestion but don’t know your formula would work.  Again, when I login I expect to play for a while not login on/off/on all day…  We do this now with Ninja events and that is annoying to me.

Like in DinoRPG a game i have play in 2005-2006 on Firefox. the formula was simple. People add dino on the battlefield. Put dino on each square. The goal was to reach the left side or right side depending which side you on. You started with 3 moves or waiting to gain +1 move for each hour. So someone can wait 12 hours to be at 15 max and wait the opponent approach and move to attack the opponent. The majority of time that was the best strategies for the majority of alliance.

So in RR2 the map is huge so a system like this will work twice better. So the player can start with 3 moves or decide to wait and accumulate +1 move each hour for a max of let’s say 10. So its up to the player to decide when to move or wait. this way you remove the job part or the no life part needed to play Conquest

So someone who is busy at job or at home can just wait 7 hours and do his 10 moves when he connect,etc…

I said 150k, not 150M. 

@Dena4  My bad, I read it wrong…  Thanks I feel better now.  ?