Conquest = deals

Hi, after the last conquest i just realize a thing: conquests are too boring because of deals. The only way to win a conquest is make a deal with another alliance as fast as you can, otherwise other alliances will make a deal together and they will smash you.(Of course that’s not true if you are 2 times stronger than them, but i’m speaking about alliances with more or less the same strength).

In my opinion a conquest without deals would be a lot funnier!

So now i want to share my idea about how to remove the possibility to make deals on conquest:

First of all , alliances names and players names should not be visible anymore, due to obvious reasons alliances positions and players trophies should be hide as well; the only things visible should be: alliances levels, the number of alliance members and players levels.(the number of trophies that you can win by beating each player could be helpful to determine how strong is an enemy even if his trophies are not visible.)


The only problem in this solution is that you can’t easily determine the strength of an alliance.
This could be done by assign a number to every alliance based on multiple factors, ex. trophies average, number of active members and so on.

Let me know what do you think about it!
ps: At the end of the conquest of course you will know which alliances you defeated or which alliance smashed you ? 

I think this is a fair suggestion, however, I do not agree with taking away the ability to see the enemy player’s trophy count. That’s for strategy so that you know whether it is an attackable opponent or not

I think it is interesting that there is an element of strategy involving alliances making alliances with other alliances >.<  now the strategy of conquest has expanded to who gets voted off Survivor Island! 

I don’t think we have experienced this just yet (that I know of). All four alliances want to win. But the potential is possible, however, I believe the frequency to be very rare. Should alliances band together intentionally I wonder how this would be  known??

What we have experienced in the conquest before last, was that we were far in the lead and towards the end of war were fighting on three fronts against all other 3 enemies. Not because they made a secret handshake, but because they wanted to win and limit our territory. 

Territory becomes more difficult the bigger it gets. As you are closer to enemy strongholds and will face more frequent attacks. Think of the Germans in WWII.

This makes conquest fun and challenging. Though survivor island could also be fun and challenging, however unlikely that may be. A secret handshake means either:

  1. One alliance is choosing to not win 1st
  2. One alliance is so dangerous and powerful the smaller ones band together to fight for survival. That sounds smart and FUN!!

I think the alliance name and the names of the players  should be visible on the map, but not before you habe discovered them. 


But I think when alliances can make a deal with one of the other three alliances it would be unfair of the rest. So I think flare  should implemented something in which alliances can‘t make deals with another alliance but there should be the chance to ser the alliance name and the players name on the map. 

Hi there, there are already two discussions on this topic :slight_smile:


And here:

We are aware of the discussion, but there are no plans to implement a feature to anonymize alliances and players atm.

yes please find a way to stop alliances from teaming up.


perhaps tiles near enemy stronghold should be worth double score points.

and tiles near ones own stronghold should be worth almost 0 score points.

a scale !


This would go well along with a special reward for the top 10% highest scoring alliances in each Tier, to prevent score manipulation ( to stay low score and avoid harder enemies in the matchmaking ).

Some method whatever it is to stop the deal making should be put in place. If you don’t send scouts to make deals right off you will prob. lose in conquest. This deal making is almost enough to make me lose interest in the game-not about the best team-just the best deal.


speaking of alliances, how are they communicating?

There is nothing wrong with negotiation.  

If you want more fights, then give us a reason to fight.  

  • destroying a tower gives your alliance 10-30% of the gold that was used to build it.
  • destroying a tower give you +# to your score (1/3/6/10) based on tower level
  • if at end of Conquest your score has dropped below a reward level, then that reward is 1/2.  

There is a way to make deals almost impossible.


  • Alliance name including the level
  • Hide player names plus trophies
  • Conquest score of teams. No need to know who is on your map by guessing correct conquest score.

During raid, show hero level plus base, nothing more. 

And indeed, try to stimulate wars. Give bonus points for wars won, defenders can’t be pinned. Give bonus points for watchtowers destroyed.

Now on our map(tier 2), there is a level 35 alliance that’s actually having highest conquest score in our tier, because one team doesn’t participate and the remaining teams are in peace. Since they have level 8 conquest building and we plus other team have level 7, they are in the lead.

If there were wars, they would have been crushed for sure. With all respect, but does that team belong in tier one? More realistically they belong in tier 4-5.

Now due to peace treaty, which we don’t break (we want to keep our good reputation) they will get all three conquest boosts, plus all rewards and promote to top tier. 

Rest of our team is just wandering over the map out of boringness, what else we have to do? So if conquest must become more exciting, then you have to keep it a secret who you are fighting, so that no peace treaties are possible.

how to hide trophies of a player ? do u attack randomly ?  do u attack players blindly ? what if u are a 4k player and attacked a 5k player what if u attack a tower with 3 player to supreme win and the guard is a 5k skull or plus … it won’t make sense removing ally/ players name is a good idea no deals no peace offering but however trophies should be visible for the fact that it interfere with the strategy and planning of attacks 

Please don’t hide the enemy player names/trophies…

How am I supposed to test my enemy base to check how tough it is?

Don’t forget that the medal count is already being hidden and we can’t test their bases while on Conquest. The mode forces us to: leave conquest map, search for player name on leaderboard and now yes… Here you can test their base.

I believe truces may annoy some ppl over, but hiding more info would be even worse  :grinning:

I don’t see any problem to see trophy or all informations about who you fight. That help you to prepare to fight him. this morning I have fight a level 108 so that help me to choice well my spells,pal and guardian to try to do at least 30%

However I am not a big fan of the possibility to team up with others. Majority of time make Conquest boring and you help them reach Rank 1 and you cannot do anything to reach this rank so you finish at 2nd or 3rd.

If you really want to keep the team up possiblity then make Conquest much bigger like 8 alliance team on the map or 10. at 4 team only its more annoying then else

Then might as well don’t hide anything. The trophies give away who the player is, which in turn, gives away which alliance you’re fighting with.


If there are more than 1 player having the same amount of trophies in the leaderboard, you can even confirm which one you’re fighting with in Conquest by attacking the player outside war and see if the player in Conquest has his trophies affected by that action.


If you want to anonymize who you’re fighting with in Conquest, then hiding trophies is necessary. Otherwise, just accept the fact that you can’t anonymize players.

What do you think of medals, those can tell you how tough a base is, those should be visible. Sure, it’s complicated and every pro will have a con. 

I can live with trophies visible, but at least make it not possible to lookup some stats during conquest. When I can’t lookup which players have a certain amount of trophies, I can’t draw a conclusion which team I face by elimination algorithm/method. 


u are totally right how about just a range not the exact value , a player with 4242 for exp should be displayed 4250 our so  you got my point ? 

How does level 35 alliance have level 8 Conquest buildings, I wonder?

That you should ask our opponent Raising Warriors. Could of course be that some are paying a lot to upgrade their conquest buildings. There recently has been an event with discount and they might have used cash to upgrade the buildings.

Having said that, it would be smarter to upgrade alliance first to higher levels. That gives much stronger normal boosts, but it’s up to them where they invest in.

Really easy to answer. Is not because the alliance is just level 25,30 or 35 they cannot have Conquest Buildings level 8 or max

Remember in this game someone can be level 130 and start a new alliance from scratch and if he lucky can bring others level 100+ with him

So if everyone have alliance tower max with max donation and blacksmith slots max. Those players have nothing to spend gems. So they max stone,troops and wisdom building max. 

If this alliance can reach 60 members fast. 60 X 1.7M = close 105M per day. Each 10 days its 1G. In a month its 3G

So everything its possible in this game. If a alliance is full of pay players its more than possible


Only problem is that a level 35 team just has space for 40 members. They have 38 with two inactive ones. Strange part is that there are only 3 players with 3k trophies and even level 80- players are there with 1500M donation. So those players are far from max. 

When you check the player names it must be family or multi account. I don’t want to draw a conclusion from this.

Can be that some have subscriptions and ask others to use the gems to max AT first.

But they stopped at 264 score, just to avoid promotion.