Conquest = deals

Probably all of them must play on mobile. So its possible they have all or half of them have the subscription plus if they have paid and buy a lots of gems package they have all maxed.So maybe all players use the free gems to give extra donation. In this kind of game. you just need one crazy guy who can donate 10 Millions or 20 Millions or 100 Millions per day. Nothing its impossible in a online game. Some spend 5,000$ and other can spend 10,000$ in a game. So don’t be surprise if a alliance 35 can have Conquest Max or close

Not sure but in one game i think I have read someone have spend 50,000$ in a game. I think that was HeartStone. So everyone can do crazy stuff just for virtual stuffs you know. Unbelievable sometime

Must have cost tons of cash. A level 35 alliance can only hold 44 million gold before you can’t donate any more without levelling up the alliance first. I know level 6->7 Stronghold costs 384 million. Even the other buildings 6->7 cost 144 million gold. Level 7 to 8 probably in the 750 million range? It just seems crazy for level 35 alliance to have level 8 Conquest buildings.

where you see this is a cap in gold? since 2014 day 1 of the game there is no cap in gold. Alliance gold can be stack in a infinite way. Someone can have 999,999,999,999,999,999 uf they want

a alliance level 10 can have 600 millions if they want.There is no limit

Whenever I’ve tried to donate and we have enough gold to increase the level of the alliance, I cannot contribute more without first increasing the level of the alliance. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

very weird. You should able to continue to stack the gold same if you can upgrade your alliance. Just the bar become in yellow full but you can continue to stack. RR2 its like OR. in OR you can see alliance level 10 or 20 with over 300 millions where they have boost for 3 years

in RR2 its the same same if you have a alliance level 5,10 or 15 or whatever and same if the bar is full. You should be able to continue to up the number in a infinite way

I did it in the pass when I have create my alliance. Be level 5 and accumulate 20 miilions+

So i don’t know why you cannot donate more. You should ask the support team. Maybe a bug

Ok, thank you. I now understand being level 35 and having level 8 Conquest buildings. At least it is possible, if not wise or easy.

It must be. The gold foes on, beyond the required gold. My team did save gold to level up both alliance conquest building from 6->7 plus we saved the gold to upgrade alliance from 56->60. We save now gold to level up to level 64. 

I admit it’s strange, but maybe the team likes to play conquest and even paid cash to do extra donations. A few large packs of gems at discount and it’s possible to upgrade buildings a level. Still it’s a strange decision for a level 35 team, I would say, with that cash spend on alliance level, they would have had much higher alliance level already.


just trying to get my question answered… as no one answered my previous question. so here’s the rephrasing…

is the alliance collusion taking place on this board via private mail when it comes to negotiation?

Yep that’s one way of striking a deal or by using Facebook or other chat apps.

Or simply using the in-game friend and mail/chat features. 

It is possible they are but if they know each other that well, based on what I have seen on FB  they are also competing against each other for bragging rights.  You are just cannon fodder.   Plus you would have to very unlucky to draw teams that happen to be best buddies.     

I think it is more the dynamics of the game.  Yes,  other teams reach out to other teams and try to negotiate.   Usually, it is a weak team asking that you stop attacking them over some resource.