Conquest disconnection still there

IGN: Warmaster8

Platform: Windows 10

When I try to move in conquest, I get disconnected immediately. This is frustrating, especially when this bug was reportedly fixed. 

I have a similar problem

IGN: Entropy42

Platform: Windows 10 and Android

If I select Conquest I get an instant disconnect.  If I select Pals I get an instant disconnect.  I just did my first dungeon that could award an item and got disconnected halfway through (I think perhaps because I encountered an enemy type I’d never seen before)  It’s like the game is just missing certain sections of content and crashes whenever it needs to load them. 

Edit: After relaunching the game a few times, I can now get into the Pals and Conquest screens.  On Android, the dungeon (Cave of Grave Goods I) still disconnects me as soon as the “new” units appear on my screen.  Which sucks, because its wasting 91 food every time I try, which is currently almost half my food stores.  I’ve tried it twice and it failed both times.  Don’t really want to try again.  On Windows, I was able to complete it on the first try with no crash.

Edit: After playing around some more, I also found the first time I launched the Raider Rampage map (Windows), it disconnected.  Then I was able to open the map but clicking on a tile disconnected me.  Then the next time I could get to the next screen, etc.  Every time I saw a new screen for the first time, it would disconnect.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you have had problems with the game crashing. Please contact our customer support to issue a ticket.

Thank you in advance and again sorry for the bad gameplay experience you have had.