Conquest Donkey is slow.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the donkey moves so slow. Only a few tiles every hour, at this rate Conquest will be over before I get anywhere?

We all suffer from slow donkeys :slightly_frowning_face:

Sadly no, only 3 tiles max per move. Also depends on what tile you move, some are faster some not, can take an hour and can take over 2 per move.

It is strange that FG did not accelerate moves for gems. VERY STRANGE.

build watchtowers on a way they all connect their tiles, you move A LOT FASTER on claimed territory!  

For example, to move 1 tile on forrest terrain its 49minutes vs 9minutes difference of unclaimed and claimed territory

Thank goodness they didn’t do that. That would’ve brought the game to it’s end! Players would have left the game cause they would have viewed the update as P2W. So glad that this feature was not added in. We don’t need more gem features added in

Don’t give them any of those ideas. They are working on a solution for next conquest. Maybe we could move further on already discovered area (without being able to discover new area, if we move more than 3 tiles would be a nice suggestion). Or when we bundle players, we could move further. Say we have 3 persons on a tile, we could move then 5 tiles (1 tile bonus for every player extra)



Yes just replace the donkey with a Horse.?

You should move in group and on grass tiles that will have a lower cooldown to move again.

Thank you blackout, I think that this is the answer. And I agree (with the others on this thread.) that we don’t need any more gem features…However… I wouldn’t mind paying one one two gems at the most, you know like the ninja events? That move the boat faster? In any case moving on claimed territory makes sense.