Conquest duration is too short

Conquest duration is too short.

It was reduced from 8 days to 5 days, but 50/50 battle still remains 24 hours battle. Move your hero, recharge your energy, engage war (depends on #of troops, some battle will cost you over 200 energy to do a single fight), recharge your energy to fight again, if you lose you will be sent back home, and it repeats. Of course you need to work and sleep. In short, there’s not much you can do in 5 Days. I’m a very active player and I was able to end only 1 war in 2 days.

5 days its perfect time 

I suppose you’re trying to say that if conquest is shorter, it should go faster - shorter cooldowns, smaller map, cheaper stuff etc. I can get behind this logic.

Energy costs and building times were already reduced. You need to plan your battles wisely to achieve Supreme victory.

That why you must do supreme victory. Make battle shorter. if you need the 24h its because you fight alone


Who can manage supreme victory in every single war? It doesn’t matter if I fight alone, 3vs5 or 5vs5, if it is a close battle, it will still last 24 hours or at least 20+ hours to finish it. Like **JiggleFizziks**said, everything including the battle time should go faster. Lost 3 days, but it’s not properly balanced.

in this case Flare need to drop 24 hours battle to 12 hours battle max. Make mo sense with just 5 days Conquest

With 8 days, we were able to explore all over the map and attack all 3 alliances. If your conquest score is lower than other alliances and if you can’t catch up with them, the only way to win is to defeat other alliance towers. Even though we have more strong high level soldiers, and able to defeat other alliances, we can’t win #1 because we don’t have enough time to attack them all.

* Madlen maybe you can move this to " Ideas & feature requests"? Thanks.

It is 5 days now because many players complained that it was too long.

12h battle will just bring more complainers.


And rightfully so.

This is the most balanced Conquest so far in terms of tower costs, energy, movement cooldown and wars.

The wisdom costs are still super crazy, but every other aspect has been improved over previous Conquests.

So the game has been modified for the players who don’t like it… That’s sad.

I totally agree with you.

12h fights are too short. Most people work and sleep weekdays. Hence, they won’t be able to be online during that time. The only thing, they could change, is SV calculation. Right now it’s linear for 10h and then it remains on the same level. IMO they could modify this to e^(-x) or something similar.

I never said 12 hour fight is better and that was not my idea. My point is that it’s not fair to determine only after a few wars. There’s not much you can do in 5 days especially if you are just a soldier. You just watch your leader/general/sergeant building watch towers which is boring.

Why don’t you fight other alliances?

Try fighting 2 alliances at the same time. There will be plenty to do for every soldier.

I think people need to slow down and stop ask for everything to change because they think it would be in their favor . Try thinking when the enemy are stronger and have difference time zone to your, would you like to see people of other team block your stronghold in day 1, have enough energy to repeat attack right when it done and it last 8 day , sound like torture to me . My alliance case, We meet enemy team in day 2 and already agree this pace is fast enough.

You are still missing my point. You should read the entire thread. What are you fighting for? Our alliance is fighting for #1 and for better rewards. We can manage 2 or 3 alliances at the same time because our soldiers are stronger than other alliances, but we don’t have enough time to make “big changes”. Conquest duration has reduced from 8 days to 5 days which I don’t mind. That’s about 40%. Then everything, energy costs, builder time, energy replenish time, battle time… etc should be reduced in the same amount. Flare reduced them, but NOT ENOUGH. The game pace is still slow compared losing 3 days of event. If your alliance is already ranked #1 of course, you want to end it as soon as possible if you are playing against alliances who has higher level soldiers.

2 days left, even the loosing side got over  200, i dont think its too short, mybe too long… 

Oh oh oh no you can’t.

And IF you can, it’s because you’re playing in a very low tier for your alliance’s strength.

If you’re ranked 50 and are battling with ranked 100-200 alliances, sure you can deal with multiple at the same time.

But if you’re ranked 50 and you get 2 other alliances who decide to join forces against you and they’re as strong as you… good luck. You’re in for a lot of frustration.


So my point is this: If you’re beating multiple opponents easily, you can’t really complain that Conquest is too easy. Just get promoted to the tier above. If it’s still easy, good, get promoted again. Keep doing that until you no longer find it easy.

That’s not the point. For example, if you were ranked 4th/OSMANLIAR and your alliance is stronger than Us vs Them and MUSTIKA INDONESIA, but you are facing Brasil1. What can you do to make your alliance go up? I would attack Us vs Them and MUSTIKA INDONESIA. However, the problem is YOU DON"T HAVE ENOUGH time (5 days) to defeat their towers, even though they are beatable.

You are still missing my point.

There’s lots of time to fight and make big changes. 5 days is fine. So is 6. But no longer.