Conquest duration

Dear Community,

I will give you more information about what is new in the next conquest hopefully next week in a new video made by yours truly.

Today - I already wanted to communicate one important point, which is the conquest duration. The next upcoming conquest will still have a duration of 8 days in total (over the course of 9 calendar days). This has had a technical background, otherwise, we would have changed it directly for the next conquest.

But since it will be the last conquest that will last that long we will provide the biggest map so far in our short conquest history and hope that you will enjoy exploring the map. Hint:?️

The conquest after that will be reduced to 5 days in total (over 6 calendar days). We hope that you will welcome this change.

More details on upcoming features and details will follow.

Happy exploring. :crossed_swords:

_ _ _

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