conquest fight slider progress

OK as you see the total is 9k  and the needed is 10k.

So the progress slider shows 90% complete 

yet the actual completion is 45% approx…

its just not very useful that slider beyond 50% of skulls


I think it just keyed of the wrong value?



It just means we are much closer to victory than our opponent. Count both skulls required up and we just need around 4-5% of total. That’s why it’s pretty close to their side. 

When both need almost same skulls, it’s in the middle.

Right if you do the mental gymnastics… I am not saying you cannot figure out what has been done ….

What I am saying is its a wonky silly graphic.

Its done as a completed for the left side team  with red on the right just as you would do for say gold in treasury. so a progress …

Honestly the ultimate victory cup should move towards the team closest to win.

It just is a not great visual display… The only reason to have a visual display is to remove the need to crunch the numbers. If its about ultimate victory then the display needs to be who is closer yet the cup moves in the opposite direction? its just wonky lol