Conquest fights


Since fighting in conquest doesnt give medals or trophies maybe it could give extra experience? Thoughts?

I think if conquest will provide medals players will get more interested to engage. And also it won’t be partial for any player cause conquest doesn’t have champs. 

Also we can get the idea about defense at least we can know how tough the defence is by looking into medals.

Extra XP can be good but it will be pathetic for 130 players and they will loose interest even more.

So may be some small chest for each conquest wars or medals will do the trick.


That is a really good idea. Impressive.

bottom line is something needs to be done. Since earned skulls are calculated now in conquest. Chest could be given based on total skulls using same method as in war?

In favor. Fighting should je rewarded with extra chests organisatie experience or…

I disagree with giving extra rewards for fights in conquests. It would encourage people to disobey orders and join every fight they can.  Considering that conquest fights uses energy and not food, the exp that you receive from conquest fights is already considered extra exp.

Since now only generals and sergeants can start fights i don’t really see a problem here mate

Since there is always a bad assessment in the conquest, a personal reward would make sense.

This should be calculated with the earned Skulls.

The idea of winning medals would also help to motivate.

It does matter because anyone can join any existing battles. And sometimes you only want your high levels in a battle to stop the other alliance from getting skulls, but by giving personal rewards, it’ll make lower level players want to join the battle and ignoring orders from the generals.

And sometimes people are to low in level to fight but make themselves usefull in other ways…not fair if they get nothing…my idea would be…people that dont leave the stronghold or do leave but dont move dont get the chest from allie winning.


This is already within your power. All you have to do is kick them before the end of Conquest. 

I agree…and we did this last conquest…it is not nice to do but we did it.

Nice has nothing to do with this and there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

They didn’t work for it, so they didn’t deserve it.

But most of all, you didn’t deserve to have players neglect the alliance like that. You did the right thing.


That means that players that are used for pinning and other things will not be happy. Alliances usually have versatile team from 1k up to 5k players and 1-3k players wouldn’t be happy