Conquest - "i" markers on the map not showing

Markers where players need to go are not always shown on the map, no ‘i’ icon is present.

Clicking on the tile to select it, does show a flag when that is present.


Saw this behavior before on Facebook (Win7) but now as well on Win10.

If anyone has issued an order on any tile, you see that flag icon after tapping the tile to check what orders are active for it. The 5 most important orders are highlighted with an exclamation mark. For telling players without active order where to go, you have to tap the player’s tile first, then the player info button on the bottom and then the flag icon next to the player. I hope that answers your question. If not, feel free to explain it further.

I marker is still available on top where tile’s name is displayed


Visual Bugs ?


Screenshot (263).png

What makes an order important?

The amount of orders at the same tile. The more orders are at the same tile, the more important it is. So I guess the five tiles with the most orders are shown on the map

lol bugs can be so funny


Screenshot (265).png

It will be removed ?

A little text bug here also cause I have already left SH