Conquest improvements

assigning players as SCOUTS (as needed … simple check box)

This would disable players from starting new attacks (joining is fine)

(there are always new players and people learning the game so this allows it to be managed and players who are learning do not do silly things)

  • otherwise its perpetual frustrated team leaders?


Option to Block players joining  for battles underway

This allows generals to set the battles that are not to be joined and the open ones can be joined. 


Change the points system for battles

Get rid of skulls

Call it scalps if you want.

100% equals king level x 10 plus the 50%


upfighting has a purpose

less disparity if facing a high level team. (so don’t just give up)

A good defense has a chance this way as low players may not get much off high but high get a lot less attacking low players

(simply disable skull perks and substitute the calc for base skulls ).


Change the tech tree options

Place 50% energy and 50% more much earlier in tree/

The game is a drudge at best… speeding things up earlier and more generally available would help.

really It should both be hit before the second day ends without selling you children for gems.


Battle display stats screen change

Should display two sliders

Skulls lost till supreme defeat… as well