conquest individual chests for skull count

I think players should get chests for skull count for the battles in conquest. It would make it more appealing to a lot of players that still don’t participate. We have 65 players and its hard to get more than 40 that participate fully and we end up kicking players out. Do it like the normal war give chest for reaching certain levels and maybe it will help all teams to get more participation.

I really hate this idea for one reason: as soon as you get rewards for skulls in Conquests, nobody will accept non-fighting roles, which are crucial.


Staying behind guarding a tower is an important role. Exploring the map is also an important role.

Not attacking dumb targets just for the sake of getting a few more skulls is also important and should not be rewarded.

Flare already said they would never make such feature when i asked them last year .

I would like to see rewards for successfully defending a tower or conquering one.  The degree of the reward should depend on the lvl of the tower and the total score of the battle.  I think they should at least give us a total of all Skulls each player earned during conquest.  It would be nice to see everyone’s participation.  I don’t think there should be rewards for skulls on empty tiles.  Players would fight on empty tiles non stop because there would be nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  So everyone would just build as many towers as possible and never fight for them.