Conquest is boring and overly complicated

Every time I see another Conquest event coming up,  my good feeling for the game goes down the drain.

BOring I agree on this point but complicated?

1.Build Watchtower

2.Build Watchtower to conquer building for more point

3.Destroy opponent watchtower

what complicated in this?

Friend, I can understand your situation. The thing which makes you feel worst about conquest is, lack of participation from teammates in an alliance. People not joining in wars makes the gameplay worse. 

Upgrade your king, your offensive setup and ally tower. Search an active alliance and fight with them… Then tell us your new experience in your conquest ?. 

Have a good day. 

This problem is not only related to RR2 trust me. This problem is everywhere in all games you can play on mobile or PC. People who join a alliance but play solo. We call them parasite. So if you can kick them can solve the problem but sometime you kick a parasite and a another one join. So its a cycle who continue the same way. No real solution about this.

Its easy to say join a active alliance. Not easy to find. I have join one with 60 members and during a Wars only 5 or 6 have participate. Close 90% of inactives. So its a real problem right now in the game. No one do War or Conquest anymore.

Many of us thier fun start to drop each day. No more active alliance. Maybe in top 400 but same some of them are close dead. Its really a hard time for RR2

I miss the day in 2016 when RR2 was healthy and full of active members with 90% of participation or more

Join us, we are looking for active members. Time Lords.

Yes, I can tell you that fighting with Chuck in conquests is really a nice experience. You can count on him, still remember that first conquest. He scared a lot of players of another team, when he came nearby, they all were on the run for him. 

Hope you visit us one day again Chuck or even better, fight a conquest with us in top tier. 

#3 is void, fighting is unnecessary. So make that:

  1. Negotiate non-agression pact with neighbours asap.

  2. Build towers.

  3. Repeat 2.

His point still stands. It isn’t complicated.

Conquest isn’t complicated and that is the problem, right now it’s just a boring piece of garbage. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a fun game mode, but recently it has become dead. People are making treaties, there aren’t any wars anymore and while that isn’t always a bad thing, I, personally, love fighting, even that means losing, because it makes you feel like you really EARNED those points. If I may use a metaphor, if someone gets paid to do literally nothing that may seem really awesome to that person. Free money! But, there is a sense of accomplishment when you earn money. I’m sure those of you who have jobs know what I mean! When you really work hard for something, it means more! It’s more fun! It’s the same thing with the conquest. It needs to be made more interesting so that players will get out there and start FIGHTING!

I think you didn’t understand how things works in between a two powerful alliance. My and my enemy alliance both are top 100 in leaderboard with equal strength. Even though we made treaties(what I heard though), when we about to reach abondoned mine, treaties doesn’t work. A huge war broke out between us and such war happened twice… Literally 35 people joined each side. It was such a thrilling experience to keep us in the path of victory but the enemies surprised us by a sudden attack and we lose that fight. (our tier is top 2)

I know how things works in inactive alliances(fewer participation guys), but once you face opponents active as heck as yours, things will get spiced up?. 

Conquest = fk yeah… ?

Regular war and ninja event are boring.

Conquest is fun and interesting.


Because if someone join battle you can actually count that he will play 5/5 and if you spend gems that will lead to victory.

In regular war is alliance Vs alliance.

In conquest active members Vs active members and % skull bonus really means something.

The only thing I would change about conquest is reward system for individual players. Some bust their ***** for 5 days and some do not move from stronghold yet rewards are the same. Do the individual reward based on skulls earned in battles like in war season and it will make more people interested in fighting.

I think there should be more stuff on the map, more tiles, more mechanics, I remember i made a poll about it a few times ago and most of the people on the forum wanted more “features” on the map.



Strong NO. 

Standing still on your designated tile to defend it is a valuable action in Conquest. You should not lose rewards because of that. 

Sometimes it can be as valuable as fighting and getting skulls. 


If you have inactive (or fake active) players, kick them out. They’re only pulling your team down. 

Agreed. As much as it sucks to have leechers, having performance based rewards would mess up CQ a lot.  It’s hard enough to move people strategically right now.  If they had a personal incentive to get in as many fights as possible, it would be horrible.  If people don’t pull their weight in CQ (and don’t make up for it in other ways in the game), they are probably not worth keeping around.

Yes. I understand where chuck is coming from.  But yes we need good folks standing guard on towers and not running into every fight

What flare should do is.  See which members never left the damn strong hold for 5 days and give them nothing.   Lol.   Easy to say.  But tough to implement I guess

That is actually already implemented in the game: it’s the kick from the alliance button. Every leader and general can do that.

We can’t ask Flare to run alliances for us.

But we can ask Flare to give us more tools, info and stats so we can better run our alliances.

Running an Alliance is too much headache especially with Conquest. More tools is a joke according to Flare because they don’t want to spend their valuable time to make our lives easier.

It has been so many months and I am just waiting for a better life in next release which will probably take long. Hope they do something worthwhile.


We already have been shown too important adds coming to 5.0 that will make a leader or general’s job so much easier. We also have been told that we will be getting a better overview during Conquest for leaders and generals. This will also be a huge help. Not sure if this is coming with 5.0 though, fingers crossed ?

I want  to see at a glance the operations in progress to my alliance users.

The instruction may be a sign card prepared in each language