Conquest is once again badly matched

The matching system is always make new players suffer. This time, opponent alliance are very strong. As always, the matched opponent always have high level players that none of our alliance member can fight through. This caused a few problems:

  1. one individual high level player can beat up all our players and towers, as no single one player is the same level who can defeat this one. And most can only raid 0-6%.

  2. that cause another problem this time. This alliance has kicked all players who has joined any war between us and their high level players. Ie if we have a war with one of their high level player, any of their low level players who join this specific war have been kicked. This is bad to their players as well.

but it seems that even if they kicked out players, the skull those kicked players have fought for the war seem  not be reduced, which I also think is unfair mechanism.

  1. they have more than one high level player while we have none.

the matching system should be improved that at least one member in each alliance is at the same level that they are equivalent in ability of defence and attack.

And also, the system that allows one strong player to be able to block thousands to troops and numbers of players, should also be modified.

Most smart players use a weak player to block stronger 1s.  Blocking is a perfectly good tactic in warfare of all types in the virtual and real worlds. 


You can block him like we do right now and do like 6 vs 2 or 5 vs 1. Alone he will take a lots of time I guess. So during this time you and your alliance can build watchtower and do others easy battle to gain points,etc… if you block them you have a little chance to gain points and gain rewards

I agree someone just have to join like I see a Level 130 join a Ranking 2,000 alliance and make miserable the life of the others. Its the main reason why this kind of mode in a game disappear after a while. In WWE Champions we got invasion but be removed after 3 of them. Main cause bad matchmaking and bad results match. With this kind of mode is just impossible to match perfectly all alliance and create the majority of time unbalance. So this mode we don’t see much in a mobile game. Too much hard to create a perfect matchmaking.

We have said many time to remove this to the game but Flare don’t listen. Some alliance will continue to suffer in conquest against high player and high alliance and Conquest will make so many player hate the game and many will stop playing. Its the main reason developer try them after a while and remove them into a game. Impossible to make it work fine 

its the main reason why in Olympus Rising War season league is a pain for everyone. Matchmaking is horrible since day 1 and continue to be horrible. People will continue to complain because this mode is just impossible to match correctly

that why in majority of game you see more mode who offer PVP 1 vs 1 more easy to match. 

We also do blocking but they easily SV us. It usually don’t happen but the skull needed for them to  SV is too little that they break most of our tower.

I feel your frustration. too much problem related to Conquest. Matchmaking its a pain

I will go back to the matchup thread already started.   How in the world is it calculated because if on Ranking which is based on Trophies than the solution if you find your self overmatched is to trophy drop before wars and conquest?    It is not a real solution but until flare fixes it, it is the only thing an alliance can do.

Drop a tier. 

Learn from this bad experience, evolve and come back stronger. 

There are always gonna be tough Conquests. Think of it this way, you know how festivals are really hard because you are high in trophies? Well, all you have to do is drop a few trophies and you’ll be fine. Same kinda thing with the Conquest. If it’s too hard, then you should drop a tier. When you do really good in a Conquest, it’s only fair that you get faced with harder opponents the next time around

Alliance LV 80 must be matched with LV 80.

If FG doesn’t see that close your shop!

I am not talking about max tier.


Level 80 alliances are being pushed out of the top tier in Conquest. They’re down to about 50%.

Of course there’s going to be consequences for lower tiers (mostly the 2nd tier).