CONQUEST: Make Tower Flag Bug

I’ve been noticing this since the past two conquests… I thought it would be fixed, but it hasn’t…

After the tower has been built, the blue flag should automatically disappear… But that is not so… The blue flag remains for as long as we do not remove it manually… Like I always say, it’s not a big technical issue, but it would be good if it was fixed…

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and soldiers should be able to see those markers, then the would know where to stand.

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Definitely yes! everyone should see that blue flag…

Flag uses not for towers only
Also as flag

Manually is ok

Another part ( to make soldiers see) seems ok, but in PL we have all serg in CQ so i never met tgis problem

Hi @GrimScythe2001,
The flag should disappear after the Tower has been built. We tested it and it worked for us, we therefore cannot reproduce the issue.
We have added it to our internal data base though.

About the suggestion mentioned: Thanks, we will discuss it internally. Shouldn’t be too hard to add :slight_smile: