Conquest map bug: fight your own alliance!?

while moving my hero across the conquest map, I noticed a visual bug on screen in the form of a random number…

I moved to that tile …
a window popped up, asking me if I would like to FIGHT MY OWN Alliance!?

I didn’t know what to do. I kinda wanted to click ‘accept’ just to see what would happen. I clicked ‘cancel’ and the window and number both disappeared from map.

could be just visual bug but who know what would have happened if I had choose to fight myself. lolz

Playing on Windows 10 version 5.0.0
IGN Love is not enough / lord of the lords


Hi Huck,
This is a known issue. But we currently cannot reproduce it yet, it seems to happen randomly.
If you have anymore information than what you already provided us with, please let us know.
Thank you!

i got it too when i reach an Opponent’s Tower, i have not see them before, was in the dark.

Also here

Thanks for reporting @Kuska & @Jesper.
It would be awesome, if you could also mention the exact system you are playing on, your IGN and maybe for Kuska also the circumstances you saw this on. Was it there the entire time? Did it pop up in a special situation? Could you see anything that triggered it?

Thank you!

I have seen that too, when I played from PC Win 10 store app… And no, it’s not always there… It shows randomly sometimes and when i close the map and open again, it vanishes… Next time it shows, it is in entirely different location… It doesnt hinder my gameplay, but that’s confusing…

I may know in what places we can see that… As far as I have known, these values can only be seen on places where there once was a tower under attack… If the tower is destroyed as a result of opposing team’s victory, these numerical values can be seen… It’s not regular or after every battle, no… It’s completely random and is not that frequent…

i played on windows 10 when this phantom-number apear, it was in the same map range (around the special field of the picture.) Time: … in the last minutes(<10min to the end) of the conquest i move to the opponents area over the tree to look for buildings.
It pop up when i was in range for a update of the map (dark to visible)
it was gone when i switched between conquest HQ and Map.
IGN: Jesper der Erste.

It just showed up while I was walking in enemy territory? Samsung s7edge.

Hi guys,
Thanks, the fact with the enemy territory is interesting. We will check if it helps to reproduce the issue.

the player, Kuska, reports seeing the exact same number I see (4B 294M,blah)

Before you bend over in attempt to re-create the scenario, ask your guy who wrote the script if he recognizes those numbers in relation to maps or war triggers.
It aint random.

also, in my instance, I was scouting and the new tile was being reviled to me (same as Jasper had said)

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FYI: I’ve just had the same issue again. The number shown is 2^32-1. What happens is pretty clear, for example:

  1. You have some territory in your vision range, and one (1) enemy player is standing there.
  2. That territory goes into the fog of war (aka out of vision range, grayed).
  3. The territory gets into your vison range again. In the meantime the enemy player moved away.

Now the bug happens:

  1. you get the map update from the server, telling zero (0) players on the tile
  2. at the same time you get the movement update from the server, telling one player moved away from that tile.
  3. And voilà! The map shows 0 - 1 = -1, shown in unsigned 32-bit it is ‭4,294,967,295‬.

P.S.: It is a temporary issue, that, in my experience, goes away simply with the next map update from the server.