Conquest Map Option Buttons Reshifting

Hi… Please see the image below before reading further:

Okay, now… You see those buttons box at the bottom of the screen? It’s shifted towards left… Shouldn’t it be at the center?

I have countered this problem in previous conquests too… As soon as we get all our conquest rewards secured, this problem persists… It’s not so big of a deal, but it just looks quite odd… Being a sort of OCD person, I find this anxious… I hope this problem will be fixed by next conquest… Thank You…

RR2 Version: 5.0.1
Mobile Device: Galaxy M20
Android OS: v.8.1.0 (oreo)
IGN: GrimScythe2001

Hello @GrimScythe2001,
Thank you for reporting. We have added the issue to our database.

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It still persists…