Conquest map

Hi guys,

There has been quite a lot of discussions about the conquest map,

so I just wanted to know what do you actually think about it.

I personally think the map needs change.

Thanks for participating :slight_smile:

Many alliances have been making treaties, peace and not attacking each other and I think it is an issue :

-The alliance just builds all the time and nothing more.

-No action, no planning, no battles, no need to protect towers… (not quite interesting right ?)


So I think a solution could be to add some PvE :

For example, entities that appear at some place on the map and target a random tower.

The entity needs like 1day to reach the tower and if it reaches it, the tower would be instantly destroyed.

The course of the entity will be shown to the attacked alliance and will advance (e.g) like 1 tile per 2h.


So, the alliance needs to intercept/ambush the entity in his course and score a specific amount of skulls/coins in order to defeat it.

Upon defeating E, the alliance gains a/(or more) specific chest(s) at the end of conquest.

I think this could bring a little more action and interactiveness on the map ( even when opponents make peace).

Hi, I will pin this thread for a while, I think it is quite interesting. Also bumping it for attention :slight_smile:

Every special tile should provide a resource of some kind.

Also, it’s very hard to see anything on the “global” map view, it should allow zooming and also include all special tiles available.

I think the map is fine, enough tiles to score enough conquest points plus on day one, we already face scouts of other teams. 

What is missing, is the lack of overviews. For example to locate special tiles, where watchtowers are build (or need to be clicked to finish the upgrade) plus location of special tiles plus members.

What Neil says is true, a special tile should give a resource, like wisdom, troops or stone. But even a small advantage would be nice, like faster regeneration of energy for the team or lower costs for research. 

Symmetrical does make it very easy to locate special tiles easily, but probably that can’t be altered to continue with a level playing field. However, yes I think by itself, there isn’t much in the conquest map itself, size is fine, but limited features. Tiles could be more interactive, adding to layers of strategy rather than the standard, vanilla, claim the centre. 

Map is too big. After loosing war it take to long (a day or more) to reach battle ground again.

1 step if you have a road…

why so big?

I would like to vote on more than one of these options :wink: A lot of those options would be very welcome! More special tiles and more interactivity! And a smaller map than the one we had last time. We reached like 800 points?!?!?

Exactly! Map should be smaller so no all 4 team can make more than 200-250 points without fighting.

what Conquest should have next :

  • Big Map who allow us to discover at least 80% of the map. So better energy system : spend vs regenerate

  • More interaction on the map : Boss,mob, hidden resources, hidden tree,building or others who give extra points

That allow to use 3 kind of players

Scouter : Person who move to discover the map and allow leader and general to construct Watchtower

Attacker : Person who his designed to do War and battles

King Slayer : Person designed to kill and destroy every mob,boss and all on the map

by example the player discover a base full of Mummy then he enter into a fight and face this base (Like Festival) and do 3 crown. Congratulations you win +5 points to your alliance. You move and discover Necromancer. enter into the fight do 3 crown and gain +10 points,etc…

Conquest will be more interesting if flare add so many stuffs to do and allow to separate players in 3 groups : Scouter,Attacker and King Slayer. So all high level can do battles. Medium take care of the mob and low king can scout the map. Everyone will have a special role and will be important

Right its just High level player level 105+ do battles and the rest below stay there for 5 days and do nothing because they are too low to do something

whatever the level you are 5,10,20 or 80 you should be able to do something on the map

Right now Conquest its more designed for Level 110+. Make Conquest available for everyone. Thanks


Lol yeah! That would be fun (or not). A very small map with only spots to build about 30 towers in total… Add to that a conquest in which no one is allowed to use gems at all (not for scrolls, revives or to donate ressources faster) and we would have a totally different experience than the previous buildingcontest

Realistically, the gems are here to stay. Flare is out to make money, after all. But a smaller map every once in a while would be cool as long a the matchmaking algorithm is fine tuned enough so the teams are relatively similar in strength.

I personally liked the design of the board a couple of conquests ago that was tilted on it’s corner like a diamond, and the teams were in the middle- not in the corners.  Just not as many useless unbuildable mountain tiles though.  There were quite a few IIRC.


That map had a Sanctuary (surrounded by water and mountains) that you could only reach by building a lvl 3 watchtower (which was 100 euros).

No thank you.

Oh, I agree with that… I didn’t care for that either, or the hordes of unbuildable tiles.  What I DID like about it was the placement of the teams in relation to the board.  For some reason it seemed to have more possibilities if they keep rotating the layout.  Design-yes, elements- no



I like your Ideals. These changes are very welcome to the game.


Or flaregames change the whole Game, with something with your ideas (more details on Kingdom Mapand read my comment with my ideas) 

I must say, it’s a watery business this map. 

Hell map

Hundred of new and very interesting ideas. But we will have to wait for a long time to see these changes.