Conquest matchmaking idea!

Hi guys, 

We all see fair mismatches are around in the conquest. Like a 300lvl alliance against 25th lvl alliance. A temporary solution for this is,

Let’s say there are 4 alliances fighting each other(15th lvl, 45th lvl, 175th and 250th lvl). If such matchmaking occurs, why won’t you offer small alliances to team up and fight against the rest of the 2 alliances? So that, the combined number of alliance have enough number of high lvl players(say 3500lvl) the combined will give serious tough fight against the other two.

They can build watchtowers but shows same colour! (maybe what differs is assigning of troops) If 250th lvl alliance declares war against 15th lvl(they actually not prefer to do?) , the 175th lvl players can join war with 250th lvl and it could might be a turn over in conquest.

Give this possiblity to alliances that cannot make over with high end alliances. While combining, notify the low level alliances, if they are eligible for combining(set eligibility by your standards, I don’t know abt it).

If the combined alliance wins, they both will get the same number of rewards as per alliance receives. 

It may sound weird for some, but I really like this idea to give a solution for this unfair matchmaking. What you guys think about it. Share your idea’s!

Hoping a constructive feedback