Conquest Matchup

The match ups in Conquest are a little unrealistic.  I was wondering how it is based?  It cannot be by size of alliance.  Is it by how many the alliance has won?

I ask because we are currently in a conquest that has a lvl 191 alliance with 55 players…United Iran vs our alliance (709 rank…24 players) and two other alliances that total 30 and 28 players respectively.  The other two alliances are around our level, but United Iran is completely overtaking the map because the lvl of player they have and the amount of players in the group.

I believe this is something that flare needs to work on in the future.  It totally ruined the experience for the last few days to just watch one alliance have complete control over all of the other groups and no one being able to stop them. 

hello Rsa44

if I am right, we are both in the same Conquest Match up!

I am completely complain to your post instead that United Iran are just a Lvl 70 alliance ? but instead it is completely a total mismatch!

Participating alliance:

Lvl 70/Lvl 29/Lvl 24/Lv 21

It is like Rsa44 said we build some towers an after they arrived and organized themselves the just overpowers us! No matter what we try there always comes one of there members from nowhere and attacks from another direction.

And this isn’t all, they attack one tower 11hours ago a and with a remaining time of 13hours they only need combined 5500 Skulls for a supreme victory and we need about 6200?

Why they need less skulls on our tower/Fields? How we should protect our tower based on this calculation?



Flare already explained the matchmaking is working as intended last conquest.

For current conquest they haven’t commented yet, so I’m sure they’ll stick to their opinion.

There you go, just sit back and enjoy this fair game mode in this tower defense game!


I think they have been adding more players as the days have passed.  They are now at around lvl 50 something.

Yes…their post is pretty freaking hilarious to read after the way they have behaved in this conquest…CATO is replying…but you can see several of them complaining about the match up above it.  The worse part about them was their way of breaking the truce that they called with different groups.  It has been unbelievably frustrating this round.  I couldn’t help myself.  I replied to their post and tagged the two complaining in the reply.  I think is was RusianS and Lord Slither (or something like that).