Conquest Mode - "+3 Max War Battles (Heroes)" technology not working

As the tittle says, this Technology is not working.

Even though in the war screen it clearly says 5/8 fights, when we try to actually fight for the 6th, 7th and 8th times we get a message saying we can no longer fight in this war.



We spent time and resources (not many) to specificaly get this technology and now we can’t take advantage of it. The worst part about it is we chose this path because of this technology.


Is this fixable with a maintenance?


Edit: this technology was already completed (and another one had been started for 2 or 3 hours already) before this specific war was declared.

I just encountered the exact same issue.  Frustrating because I would have spread my war attacks across more people if I knew I was going to get cut off at 5.  I have tons of energy and my battles say 5/8 but I get the “You can’t fight any more battles in this war” message and cannot attack.

I encountered the same issue, too.

Same problem 

We are facing this too. This needs to be fixes asap. We lost the time for the research and had planned battles accordingly to have the additional fights in the war, 3 missing battles means 1500 - 2000 missing skulls per player. That can decide wars!

Does it also apply to new wars that started after technology did finish? I am curious, since we did skip it for a reason. We needed to fix our learning mistakes and for that we needed other technology first.

Yes it does. We just found out. Sorry, but that breaks the complete conquest game. Wasted the time researching and the planned attack went down the hill.

@MadlenFlare, this is serious! We need a response!

@Dena4 Oh, you also have towers at great places as we do? So you needed the speed up for the building of towers to score points? Know what you are talking about, I feel you! That’s why it hurts even more we used to research a non working technology!


Technology adds attack? That will make this war (conquest) unbalanced, not fair for some allies who haven’t get that whatever technology

Yes it does, but you have to decide if you want to research it or something else. We SHOULD have more battles, but our builders are slower. It is the decision of every alliance what the research to fit their playstyle.

it is weekend, noone working at failgames

Same here, war started after +3 technology. Can’t make more than 5 battles. 



Same here. It doesn’t work. Can only do 5 raids

We have the same bug… so… fair fight =p

I love when serious sh1t comes out on Saturday, so somebody in Flaregames needs to work during the weekend…

They have done an “extended period of testing”, as for the balancing… ???‍♂️?‍♀️

We didn’t research +3 fights, who needs that? Only required in time consuming wars where the war will be decided by scored skulls. Better male use of terrain plus troops, and have some players who can win raids at important tiles with troops. No need for huge wars. So skip that technology, don’t waste time on that. Better go for energy or other things that help to win those short wars faster.

Good for you that you didn’t research it. Only those that researched it are facing it. If you didn’t than you don’t see it. And THAT is the problem. You researched and wasted your limited time on a non working technology while the other alliances are able to take advantage of their researched technologies. This does make a huge difference. And makes the whole mode a joke.

This should be a mode that involves strategy. But you have to trust that a researched technology is available after the research is finished. If it isn’t, all your planning goes down the drain. Wanted to score a quick victory? Oh, bad luck, you are missing just a few skulls but you can’t get them because the battles you calculated with can’t be fought. Now your players are caught on the field and meanwhile the other alliance is able to get more players in. What would have been a 10 minute job is now a 24 hour battle.

Also these available fights can make the difference if you can hold a tower or if your players have to go back to the start. And that will influence if you and your alliance mates chests or not.

That’s why I think it is a game breaking bug. 

So Alliances will lose without their fault. And won’t get the chests, the only thing that currently keeps them in the game. Take them away from them without their fault and you will see some quitting. One in our alliance already did a few hours ago after we lost a war because of the missing battles. As draining as the mode already is, this will push more players over the edge for quitting. No problem losing, but than it should me my fault and not an untested feature.

@Madlen you have some very unhappy players here that would like to hear something from Flare in this case.

what if all technologies do not work? : D

Shame on flares! It doesnt work for us either. I am frustrated. Just lost a war due to this.

Actually with 3 additional attacks you can score 800*3 = 2400 skulls alone, with 2 or 3 players it can make the difference for a fast Supreme (sh1t) Victory…

We need that. We have a war that is probably not going to end in a supreme victory (40 vs 40 players, something like that) and it’s going to run out the clock.

I agree with you, there’s no need for huge wars.

Unfortunately, League of Shadows doesn’t agree with us, right @LacunaC? :wink: