Conquest Mode = Crap Mode

You have outdone yourself Flare (meaning this is the most annoying crapfest you have yet created!)

So I was super excited to see what new stuff was added in the Conquest Mode, I waited at my phone while it counted down the last few minutes.  I logged on and moved my piece out into the open field to allow myself to move farther. 

And then noticed I had no troops so I went to add troops and discovered I can’t add troops to myself. 

So apparently I’m waiting the 2 hour cool down traveling back adding troops, waiting the next 2 hour cool down and then traveling out again!

Okay so I made a mistake, but that means every non-general who logs on before a general logs on (and there are many small alliances) will be traveling out without troops or waiting for his general to assign him troops.

Further troops need to be arduously assigned to every individual player, which is just freaking annoying (thanks again Flare for annoying us on a daily basis!)

But beyond the annoyance of having to do it for all 50 members I have to guess the level of their participation before they leave the city!    For all 50 members! 

Now I’m going to get members who are really venturing out complaining they were only given a few troops when some bum got a bunch of troops but never left the city! 

And I didn’t know cause I had to assign them before they left the freaking city! 

Am I missing something?  Is it really this bad or is it worse?

What the hell?!?!

Also I’m literally supposed to click each of 6048 troops one at a freaking time?    (Yeah you can send 10 as a group but I have to hit plus 10 times to get that number to 10!)  Have you ever even tried playing this game?

What the hell @FTB, @PaSte, @Pete?

good for the one who understand what to do. I have no clue. I have look the map and closing it fast like I have open it. No clue what to do

Ok what this shit? You move the red thing on a hexagon green grass 1h6 min cooldown? each move a cooldown? I cannot make any video about it? that sucks. Where the fun in this?


No not even good for that!

Let’s assume I have figured out what to do…

Right now I’ve been assigning troops to our players…

We have 6048 troops which I think is low.

And we have 55 players. 

So I need to give on average about 100 of them to each player.  So I need to click the +/- buttons 100 freaking times for every freaking fracking player then click send!  Then go on to the next of 55 players and repeat.  55 x 101 = 5555. 

You freaking fracking flipping blasted son of nice women want me to click 5,555 times!

Go nice yourselves!

I hope you enjoy me not censoring!

Red thing!  I don’t even have a red thing!  But I do have an hour and 6 minute cool down!

at least they should have done a tutorial who explain all in details what to do. We know Flare psychologies : ‘’ we tell you nothing and find it by yourself’’  

like a piece of chessboard


Damn it you get a better one than me.

Mine’s yellow/wood colored! 

If I understand you must reach the opponent (piece of wood with a crown) and attack him but each move cost energy (blue flame) and each move have a cooldown of 1 hour and 6 min

And you must reach him with troops I assume!

I can see you don’t have any troops!

Not judging me either!  Didn’t realize I had to assign them to myself before I left!

And I had it easy I’m a general.

Most people can’t even assign them to themselves!

What the hell @FTB, @PaSte, @Pete?

Really? you tell me I must turn back and feel with troops or something? what this shit? Just started I hate it

@PaSte @Pete @Lisa Somebody to explain how this work?

I don’t know, but it does look like some poor general has to click to send out 6048 troops! 

This is bullsweat!

* Again this is what happens when you don’t let me censor bullsh#t!

Ok i find out one thing. Lol the red thing with crown its your own allies. Your members of your alliance

This, I couldn’t agree more with you.

The amount of clicks you have to do is really dumb.

Since the number of troops is in the hundreds…

Instead of existing a “+1” button, my suggestion would be to create at least a “+50”, “+100” buttons.

At the very least!

I do a mistake because my leader and general don’t have do their job. Of course they don’t know what to do its the first conquest. I have explain them what to do but still a beautiful trailers who explain all will give us a easy life in the game. 

Leader/general must give you troops in my case 150 so 150 troops to all members. What a pain and after you can move. If you have move without troops what a shame you must turn back after the cooldown and return to the stronghold and wait your leader/general fill you

for now I am at 0% exited. Hope later the fight will be better

And again, what the hell, Flare, @FTB, @PaSte, @Pete, @Lisa, you made us freaking generals click out 150 troops for each of the 50-60 members in our alliance?

I don’t know they ignore everyone today. I think they want all the 60% who will leave will do it after conquest. They have said if Conquest is boring they will leave. Good chance in 8 days 60% who have vote on the polls will leave like they have said. War Season is more fun than this horrible thing

Remember, the devs did say it would take a few Conquests to fully understand it all. I don’t understand why in the world they would make things like that, but they did. I think it’ll be like a game of Risk or even the Axis and Allies board games, you’ve got NO IDEA what to do when you look at the board and all your troops. It takes quite a while to figure out how to play those games. From what I’ve seen, it looks confusing as all hell

Seriously, Flare, @FTB, @PaSte, @Pete, @Lisa, … This is my idea you’re making me hate!


its over for my alliance. No one have understand this Conquest Mode. Everyone have move with 0 troops. Damn so frustrating.