Conquest mode cutoff time for last attack?

Is there a cutoff time for last attack of 23h30m before the end end of conquest mode just like wars? 


Yes there is.


Same time 23h30m? 

Dunno about that. Have to try it my self later but we got 24 hours time if we declare to others right? So perhaps this time it’s 23:59.

Hi Shubham92,

it is 24 hours in this conquest.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @RoyaleDing2 and @Madlen

and what…? when there is less than 24h, we just walk around like dead chicken and shaking hands with the dead bodies on the ground…? ?



last day is a tower building race

I would have preferred a tower destroying race but ok…we will walk around towers and visiting other territories…or just laying in the grass and enjoying real life


good luck in building towers that take more than 1 day to complete when they are too far away from your stronghold.

We did the tower which time is 1 d 3 h in a 23.50 before conguest will finish

seems strange

you still score 1 point for the tile where you have started the tower.


nvm, was misinformed by guild member

It will give 1 point Cromka 

finished tower gives 6 extra points


so you can start building till last minute for 1 extra point when needed to make difference

Hi rrrrr, Sorry you are expiriencing issues.?

I have confirmed the info several times with devs before posting it here. So the info about the 24 hour cut-off time is correct. The cooldown started 2pm UTC today.  So let’s try to investigate what happened here. I do understand you are angry, but please understand I can also read your message if the font is at normal size. ?‍♀️

Please send me a private message with your alliance name and user name (must) and when the attack started (if you remember).

Thank you rrrrr!

I edited the message once I figured a guild member misinformed me. Bigger font size is emphasis+frustration without the shouting of caps lock xD

This in game mechanic is working, for the relief of us all who couldn’t bare to play this anymore. Please disregard my complaint about the 24h cut-off, but do take into account all the rest. It remains true to the last word.

We won through sheer willpower to keep annoying everyone on whatsapp and chat and losing 7 days of life to stay online 24h. Had the bug of the +3 battles affected us, I would definitely be using caps lock after wasting those 7 days. We did the research but fortunately it did not affect us deeply. Bugs like this have no place on a final release. And there’s more:

  • Research costs surprising everyone. You plan for a final upgrade, research a lot of crap you dont want, only to find the one you want costs 90k >_>
  • You can see update of troops on greyed out areas
  • Some researches apply from the moment we start them. some don’t. Think tower def +20% is one that applies.
  • Please enable only generals to move pawns. Players join in and battle only.
  • Please allow us to choose which generals can do what. There is always that one guy that researches something in the middle of the night no one agreed upon.

We are sincerely hoping for a very significant gem reward chest and a compensation reward from flare after what you made us go through on this event (plus what you made us spend in the new kingdom with all the hype about the new conquest mode).

You really put yourselves in a terrible position on this one. Possibilities are endless on this mode, could have worked great, but implemention is the worst I’ve seen, by far. Kudos for the one responsible for the project. Guess he should be looking for another line of work.

I know :grinning:

First of all, I am glad that the game mechanic worked as it should. :slight_smile:

As for the rest of your feedback, thanks for letting me know, it adds up to the other feedback and I have collected it and forwarded it.

Thank you!

I’m glad you are listening Madlen. There is so much potential on this mode, but no one can do another round of this as it is.

Please note only one fix makes conquest mode playable again, mechanics-wise:  enable only generals to move pawns. Players join in and battle only. Generals have the option to send notification to the player they want to fight (cause sometimes we don’t want players to fight, only stall fights).

Then we can have 2-6 generals alternating the control, and we all can have a life.

All the rest is correcting codes. After we can properly play it, you can go into fine tuning the balance of the game. Cause right now, we couldn’t assess balancing because we could barely get people to move in the right directions, through the faster terrain.

Best regards,

That’s boring. To the soldiers, that’s just like normal wars then, where they get no control at all.