Conquest Mode Demmands Far Far Far Far Far Too Much Time!

After Playing for 2 days I can say there are a lot of interface bugs and lack of information that would be wildly important.*

But Conquest mode is a really fun concept! 
But it will kill the game is you don’t fix the time required to play this!

The time demands are ridiculous.  You realize you guys could never do your jobs and play this game. 

Well you dropped the ball so badly on this I’d say you weren’t doing your jobs, but clearly you aren’t playing this game or you’d know it isn’t working!

One thing that would help but still not be nearly enough is:


* Like when assigning troops to players it should tell you when they were last on so you can be sure to assign the most troops to the most active players. The asign defender to a tower in construction has this information.

Maerique, I feel your pain! I posted a suggestion to flare in @QuantumApocalypse’s topic here: 

You can see my suggestion to fix the offline issue, at the bottom of the page. I think it’d help a lot and it would make players feel a little less time constrained