Conquest Mode Devs vs Top players

Put Conquest Mode on hold for 1week. 

Have Devs and Top players form 4 alliances mixed with Devs and Top players. 

all problems solved no more issues everyone’s happy.

Ty :slight_smile:

Radical idea! Have the guys (and girls) who develop the game actually play what they develop and not just play with their code.

Then they could share the frustration of the rest of the community and they might do something about all the issues.

I dont think that would help really. 

The thing most people dont find happy about conquest is  Too much gems, time and alliance gold must be invested to advance compared to the reward. Dev dont have to built their kingdom and alliance from scratch to compete with other so they wont feel a thing .


This seems like a good idea.Copy the stats and entire alliance of top players and fight against them 24*7. 


They can have 2 advantages.

1.They dont need to be a weak team itself as they do in bad matchmaking for us.

2.Since they are in office for work,they get to play 24*7 unlike us who have other priorities in life.

They will get the mentality of generals and leaders(major) and ofcourse members when a general wants them to fight due to urgency.


Make it a priority for every team to win everytime .Let them do it every month without making peace with other team and they will become insane(i can assure this).