Conquest Mode = Failmode.

This Conquest mode suxxs. This is a tower defense game and not Risk or Strategie game. If flare remove the cooldown nothing change. Im dissapointet. 8 days for this stupid Conquest Mode is ridiculus. Make the map smaller Like LOL Maps. Give Energy example like Ninja event. 1 move Cost 1 Energie and attack Cost 3 for example. You Start with 9-10  Energy.  This are 1 example. 

Yeah, this update is really frustrating and disappointing, just waiting to see what the attacking part of it will be. Btw, with how little you are allowed to move, I think 8 days is a fair amount of days for the mode. There will probably be no attacks until tomorrow, and for some people, none until the day after! 

We had like 6 fights already 

There are plenty of attacks, it’s just about strategy. We had multiple attacks so far today

yeah, yeah, my bad. My body was in today, but my mind was still in yesterday. For some reason I still thought we were in yesterday and that everyone was still on their first moves lol

May I ask you how do you plan to organize the defense during your sleep time?

Real war with multiple players at the same time in the same arena, ability to form a party with your ally members to fight super dungeons…

But nah, better to copy civilization with exciting cooldowns, 0 time to react to the moves of your opponents and waste ally gold…everything to give the usual 3-4 top allies another 4 boost to better draw the line between the “poor” and the “rich”.

Well… i don’t know.

This new concept is an interesting idea, but… 8 days nonstop? Really?

I have heard of players with a real life. Family, sleep, work, friends, etc… If you are attacked while you are not online, you loose automatically. What shit is this??? And the cooldown between moves is also out of the question. The same as in the first Ninja Events. You had to wait a long time until your ship arrived at an island. Later the time for reaching an island was drastically reduced. 

A lot of alliance members are already loosing their interest and i can understand them. Until now, you could decide when to play. Now the game dictates you to play.

There is also suddenly a massive dependency on communication which is an absolute weak spot in the game. The builtin chat has a very limited amount of characters to write, no editing, no subchats (generals, all, etc…) no personal chat except mails and so on.


So, what would i like?

  • I don’t like to wait 1,5 to more than 2 hours between moving. Automove would be fine. Define the target-hex and your king moves automatically. Why do you need a cooldown at all? Moving costs energy, so you have a natural cooldown.
  • There is no explanation in the game, how everything is working. Troops, energy and so on. More ingame information would be good.
  • Every attack on a player that is not online should have a “Response-Waittime” of at least 12 hours and NOT an automatic victory!!!
  • I would like to see the names of the players directly in the map (not in the info-field).
  • Right clicking a player to give him commands which he can see in his new “Note-Section” on the screen.
  • Clicking on a player name in the right side of the chat should bring an option to focus the player on the map.
  • Everyone can build watchtowers and only generals can assign troops. Is that true? Some idiot in your ally is building towers and you have no clue who started it. I would like a rights-management for building things and distributing troops. At least there should be a label on every building, where you can read who built it. And troop assignment should be done by every player because this is not so critical for you victory.
  • Troop assignment in the stronghold is also really weird. Why can this only be done by a general. Why so complicated??? If you are out of the stronghold and forgot to refill your troops… well. Another 4 hours wasted. At least.
  • Every tile has attributes for attack and defense. But they affect only the skulls. This could have been a good idea for modiying attack and defense values or energy. But you made it really simple. AND BORING!!!
  • The chat system should be revised. Editing with the cursor or mouse, long texts, copy and paste, and… maybe i’m the only one, but i absolutely don’t like the bottom-up texting in RR2. I like top-down.

I’m sure this list could be continued. At the moment, i am really not happy with a game that demands 8 days 24/7 online to be successful.

All in all…  What a waste of good ideas and possibilities with a really boring implementation!



what about … a real failure, I seem to go back to playing in some mmorpg online,

I start to feel the exact same stressful situation,

the cd of the move

I would like to remind you that people work does not have time to devote yourself to your bitches

This is the main problem!

Like i wrote:

I started RR2 because I could decide when i want to play. And now it’s like an mmo. No thanks!

You are right. This update is really disappointing. We have to just move with a cooldown on the map. We must wait till the enemy attack us or move near the enemy.

I gave up on this Conquest thing. It’s boring, confusing and not really worth it. These rewards should have been incorporated into the regular war or Pro League events.

Add this in the next update

I can say when the battles begun itsbecame much funnier))

Yeah, this is exactly what I was hoping for. It shows that attacking is really the only fun part of the game. If you’re just on a map moving around, it’s no fun. Imagine playing a game of Risk without the attacking part of the game. That’s what day one was like

I am myself a player of Heroes of Newerth and all game Moba of same way. If you look the screenshot. Why Flare don’t have create something similar? with 4 Alliances. 1 for each corner. With beautiful Forest,building and all. The goal should have be the one who obtain the most point. On the Map there is Monster,Boss and of course you can decide to reach Stronghold of the opponent to attack them. You can attack each members. No limit of attacks like in Art of Conquest. You have the power then use it

by example you are on the bottom left side and you decide to attack the opponent at your right. You build Watchtower to see further and if one member decide to attack all members of the opponent stronghold he can. After if he want he can move on the map and go up and attack a another one stronghold to attack all members

That what I call Conquest Mode not like this awful thing you give us with cooldown each 2 hours,etc… with no action where everyone sleep if they try to play it

Some members can decide to bring point by farm Monster and Boss between 10 points and 100 points during the time other can reach stronghold and attack them and other decide to defend stronghold,etc…

  • 1 group to farm monster and Boss

  • 1 group to farm stronghold base

  • 1 group to defend alliance stronghold

at the end the alliance who finish 1st obtain all Conquest Boost, 2nd obtain 2 of them,3rd 1 of them and 4th nothing



Oh! I though you were the biggest supporter of the new update.

My dear fellow players, sorry for the length of the  post but this will be my first and probably last post. I just want to express my thoughts after so many years of playing. I think I’m one of the few players who play this game from the beginning and I mean literally from the beginning. I started playing RR2 while there was still no chat, just me and fighting another player, upgrading troops, spells, towers etc. The wars and the ninja were distant thoughts, and the one who came up with pro probably wasn’t even born. I’m kidding ofcorse, but I want to show you how long I’m playing this game, how much I understand it and love because I wouldn’t play it all this time if it wasn’t fun. Ofcourse over time the game changed, sometimes for better, sometimes not so much, but changes were, in the end, enough interesting to keep me going. I am general in my team in which I have been for many years, I have gained many dear and close friends, met a variety of interesting and not so interesting people who passed through my alliance. With all the changes over the years I never thought I’d stop playing. Of course sometimes I would have a crisis of boredom and would take a break for a week, two, three, but I would always return to this game and my team. But no more. This last change 4.0 in a few days has killed all my will to play. My team is immensely angry for the first time on this game.  Some of the players are confused, many feel left out, some (very few)  like changes, but everyone says that this is no longer the game we loved and played. I really don’t understand how designer of conquest mode thought it would be wise to implement it in this game but this kind of conquest is long lasting, exhausting, confusing and ultimately a completely different game. I think they could have done many different changes that would be interesting to players, for example why not change prizes for war, let’s say give 3000 gems for first place. Introducing gems as rewards for wars would encourage  a lot of player to fully particapate again and have fun, especially as long-lasting player as me. But they did something that need practically 24h presence, for moving across map, and when you get to the war part you can’t choose who you are fighting with, so it can happen that player with lvl 100 may be attacked by player 130, or you lose your war because you accidentally have life out of this and you’re not online. Ridiculous. Flaregames you need to completely modify or abolish this system because  after conquest is over it will be final goodbye from me as a loyal and long-lasting player and many more.

That I agree. Only… when those wars start, it becomes even more time demanding. When you spot a war and participate it’s good while you be online, you can react and do your thing.

But when you can’t play for a couple of hours (sleep, work or family or any other reason), it’s frustrating to see yourself back at the stronghold, since you were attacked by a group of opponents while you were offline and your team wasn’t able to change the tide and you had no time to respond. Reason can even be standing as a group on a tile and when you were offline, your team moved forward a couple of times. There you go, supreme victory against you, waste of troops you had and more important, your movement the last period, is totally worthless, you can start all over.

This is even more hard for teams with players from one particular time zone. Raid them while they should be asleep at smart locations (read, not in forests and while they aren’t in a pack on one tile) and there you go. 

After lost a war you did participate (or not, since you were offline) you have to start moving for 1+ day to a front where your help hopefully is needed. And once again, when you are offline, same happens worst case. I don’t see any fun in the need to be constantly online 24/7 for 8 days.

I don’t dislike conquest, I only want to show the side effects of this time draining part. That can be changed by letting wars at least 12 hours minimum, before supreme victory is activated. That gives most players/teams enough time to respond and take action. And… The movement of max 3 tiles before a cooldown, should be removed. 

conquest is uninteresting, also the difference in timezones are awfull, you wake up and 3 battles lost… nothing is happening and now game requires frequent activity- i mean really frequent, like in some serious shit- this is just a mobile game FFS…

Im disappointed.