Conquest Mode is waste of everyone's time

1.Introducing  changes a day before conquest event to university.

2.Providing features which makes no sense.

I am able to mark a person as something he needs to change.There is no way to send a message in that.Defeats the purpose of it.Clearly no one understood why it is there for as it communicates nothing but a flagging mechanism.

There are VIP chats.But i am not sure if people read them.No notification of any message arriving or if it has been read by a person.

This is just a flaw.No issues with its purpose.Sticky notes added and people just remove it.Any general can remove it.It was added 2 days before…so most of them still didnt know its purpose and there is not even a confirmation asking whether to delete it.

3.Introducing changes without announcing.I see new things…different special tiles,tiles.Seriously,most of them never even understood earlier conquest and here you are introducing changes every event.Is this the last of your changes or we would be expecting even more bull*****.

4.Still not addressed 24*7 being online.

We are not in world war or any other war.We are playing for fun and it is definitely not fun if it is 24*7.

  1. Event extends to 8 days.I am not sure what to say regarding this but it is far too long to even enjoy something about it.

6.Most of us wasted 24*7 last time.No good rewards for it.No compensation.

7.Clearly ,a guy who participates and doesnt even know that this event is running gets the same rewards.No change whatsoever.Not sure what to say for this too…

Clearly,Brainwashing people in the name of improving the game.The only thing i could think of is you guys are planning to shutdown and you do these things to piss people off.

Flare have done the impossible with this update to Conquest.

They have actually made it even worse than the first version! That is some claim to fame.

And don’t even mention the match ups which are covered in another thread.

Well, the first day was very relaxing. I barely had to be online. Long waiting times, which is great. No need to be online every hour. At least that’s how it was today. Definitely much better so far than the first conquest, when it comes to playing time. We’ll see if it changes in the next days

Yup yup… It’s like they forgot how to do anything good…they need to undo the last 2 updates or start all over…they are killing this once amazing game…


Can we change the title to “Let’s all complain about something because I cant understand it”

I’ll be back later to respond point by point if this hasn’t turned into a flame thread.

We understand what they tryed to do…but they failed…you don’t need to stand up for there mess…they should do that…

I am complaining because i understood every aspect of this game and conquest mode.

I just want to say that this mode is not fun,not rewarding enough for the effort everyone puts in and that this is not a game in my opinion.

If you want to argue with me,i suggest you to learn more about conquest (do more research) because I am sure i would make you back off with my arguments.

? <- see nice and clean, with a mountain fresh senct

1.I am unhappy about sudden changes.I dont like it happening a day before.Everybody cant be always looking at the forums.I went through the announcements.The change for research requiring more wisdom or more gold either i missed or flare forgot to send.I really dont want to go check again.

2.Move to tile doesnt mean the player understands why he needs to move there.I give a command to move to location but there is a different location he needs to move when i am asleep or offline.He is not a dog for me to throw bones.I want him to understand why he needs to move there by giving information when i am asleep so he can decide better where to move.

3.I guess you never see other tiles.We explain our players what the forest or grassland tile does.A feature should be introduced in a better manner slowly.Make us familiarise,then introduce changes.You play a game and you introduce 100 of things and expect player to know everything.They need to tell what changes are planned beforehand.I bet 90% of them never understood conquest and only a few leader and generals know clearly what to do.It is because their team depended on it.I would suggest you to check for new tile types introduced.

4.I dont need energy to attack when opponents are asleep.I just need sufficient energy to move so that other players gain skulls with an advantage and i help in troop count.What i mean to say is,i can attack every few hours by compromising energy for attacks with others.It is not 1 player who needs to be awake.It is a group of players.

Do you wait for full energy to do attacks?

5.A war started 2 mins before 24 hrs can still affect score and position.I can start a war and send my entire alliance to that location.What if it happens on multiple locations.I wont sit and enjoy the last day in that case.I definitely didnt enjoy the last conquest when it happened.

6.It is not a single player who needs to be awake.It is a lot of people.I put effort 8 days and what i got last time was not worth it for even 10%.

7.A player is busy for 8 days and lets say he was consistent.But unable to play during this particular event.I wont call that leeching.

@Warriorking123  Yes, issues to work on and things to improve.  Doesn’t mean the whole thing is useless.


hello flare team.also the conquest event is not a joke alianz we got as an opponent is our level equal to all top alianzen with extremely high level.wie you want to expect a fair fight there? that is Megan makes the event on day 2 no longer makes sense :frowning: in version 1 you were alianzen were pretty much the same because you had to work tactically but now impossible, how do you win against a place 21 alianz ??? and an alliance is still invisible but now has twice as many fields so synonymous top 10 alianz so extremely unbalanced the last update has brought nothing because here has to be pretty much improved, if it stays that way I would even end this event in the first war it was balanced now we are faced with players with 4800pokalen. Even the best players are not there with us yet, so you have a huge bug in the calculation system., find the event belongs abandoned cost t 8 days and so it is currently garbage



Original in deutsch.

hallo flare team.also das eroberungs event is ja nen Witz keine alianz die wir als Gegner bekommen haben ist unserem Level gleich alles top alianzen mit extrem hohem Level.wie will man da einen fairen Kampf erwarten???das is Megan macht das event gleich an tag 2 keinen Sinn mehr :frowning: . bei Version 1 ging es dir alianzen waren doch recht gleich da musste man taktisch arbeiten aber jetzt unmöglich. wie soll man gegen eine Platz 21 alianz gewinnen??? und einealianz ist noch unsichtbar hat aber jetzt schon doppelt soviel felder also auch ne top 10 alianz. also extrem unausgeglichen das letzte Update hat da nix gebracht. hier muss ganz schön nach gebessert werden. wenn es so bleibt wäre ich sogar dafür dieses event zu beenden. im ersten Krieg war es ausgeglichen jetzt stehen uns Spieler mit 4800pokalen gegenüber. selbst die besten Spieler kommen da bei uns noch nicht durch. also ihr habt da nen riesen Bug im Berrechnungssystem.  finde das event gehört aufgegeben kostet 8tage zeit und so ist es momentan Müll