Conquest mode : pay to play or how can i cheat?

Flare : thethe new update is released end of july.  Since you don’t care about cheating in this game, can you tell is more about the “conquest” mode.  It is intended to be a pay to play mode, but as pro league was intended also, but i becomes more a cheat to play mode.  And for the 1 week you got banned, you can’t buy  gems for it.


It is much appriciated how the conquest mode has to play, so we know how much accounts we needed to play it for free.  We have 1 month to wait, so we can spent “usefull” our time.

It would be a great gesture. 

I’m saving gems cause i know flare ?

Waarom edelstenen opslaan als je het kunt krijgen door vals te spelen ?

So, @GalaMorgane it is much appriciated more info, or maybe better how we can cheat in your new conquest mode.   We have allmost a month we can work on it, so we haven’t to loose time at the moment the update is released

Very disgusted to know people want to cheat at a kids game.

You can’t imagine how much there is cheated in rr2 : see topic cheaters.  And flare allow it, although it is forbidden in their terms ?

Always the same in online games. They accept cheater and allow them to do what they want but however they ban fair one who work hard to improve their account  :rolleyes: