Conquest Mode showing wrong player/Skull count

Was trying to defend one of our towers that is under attack and found this bug. It shows 5 of us are in that tile but only three players are there (in the attack screen). Opponent’s name is shown as tower guard (with no trophies) but there is no player with that name in the opponent alliance. Attaching the screenshots. I am playing on Windows 10 with latest version of RR2. Other players are seeing the same stuff from their devices. So this bug is not OS or device specific.

Royal Revolt 2 08-Oct-18 8_31_28 PM.jpg

Royal Revolt 2 08-Oct-18 8_31_42 PM.jpg

Royal Revolt 2 08-Oct-18 8_31_54 PM.jpg

Royal Revolt 2 08-Oct-18 8_32_00 PM.jpg

That looks like a hard fight.  :wink:

Hey Saran,

Thanks for showing that to us. We’re looking into the issue.