Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

So, I was enduring the time draining part of this mode , because I was liking the strategy and all, but…

After 8 hard days , of logging in just to move a pawn, every 3-4 hours…

Extensively trying to decide what’s best for each and every member of our alliance…

After the event is over the rewards are:



  • 2 x 500 pearls on each chest = 1000 pearls…
  • 2 pal chests = 2 pals
  • 2 _ “special” _ uber chests = ONLY 1 ITEM ON EACH CHEST?!? SERIOUSLY?!?
  • 1 joke gem chest = ONLY 7 GEMS!!!

On ninjas event: we have thousands of pearls , lots of chests with gold/gems  and the 3 uber chests have several items each!!!

On war season: we can win several chests  (legendary/uber) which can reward us with gold/gems and items to melt!!!

I still haven’t tested the boosts, but…

For a game mode, lasting for 8 days and with so much work involved?

I expect much better rewards from this!

I think this mode is revealing itself not to be worth playing, at all!

Words cannot express my anger.

And I thought they made the conquest battles suck, now they won’t even give the chests!

I think a lot of players agree, it’s not worth investment of time. I know they aren’t Santa, but we now have the feeling they treat us like old dirt.

All the gem investments in conquest buildings alone (I did upgrade all buildings till level 6, next investment 2k) are not giving anything in return. We are the losers, I got one epic chest resulting in 38 gems. I never have felt this bad, it’s literally sick. 

We indeed get better rewards for war seasons and ninja event. Less time involved, much better rewards. This is a really bad joke flare, I expect seriously to increase those rewards. Otherwise it’s not worth the time at all. 

Yep, very disappointing! Once again, you really shouldn’t be complaining about the gem chest. Not sure if you expected more than 7 gems out of an Enchanted Gem Chest, but still, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the rewards were not at all what we expected them to be

@Dena4 you got a lot… we finished 1st place and i got only 8 gems… yes, 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

I also invested 4143 gems for getting my buildings up to level 6. (I ignore the gems I spend for getting skulls, that makes my blood boil even more)

It’s not a slap in the face any longer, it’s becoming clear that we are no more than cashcows ??? and also are treated like that. This time you have gone too far keenflare (or flare, whoever is responsible for this. 

Compared to the rewards of ninja and war seasons and the respective time involved this is a joke…a bad one…

Hope they did not nerf those rewards as well…

That’s exactly the problem @AwesomestKnightest!

I already new that an “enchanted gem chest” was the worst!

This type of gem chest would only be acceptable for I don’t know… A level 1 alliance?

My naive side somehow wanted to believe the rest was going to at least compensate…

For 8 days of hard work, the lowest tier should have at the VERY LEAST 100 gems! (which wasn’t even my tier…)

Or else just give us several legendary/uber chests like in ninjas, with a chance of getting gems.

See the censoring now on most common words? That’s where they spend time on. Don’t you have anything better to do? Make sure that players get their rewards, so that they also can have their ‘fun’ and feel ‘happy’.

Elvis has left the building and I seriously hope he will take me with him ?‍♂️. 

I said I seriously would consider to stop after this conquest. Now then, I am pretty close to the edge of the ravine now. 

I was just too surprised when I couldn’t even write the word c.r.a.p…

Which I don’t find offensive at all.

If they made sure to keep the community happy, they wouldn’t need to bother with such words…

I used same word. And also got censored. What word can I say here to express my feelings without getting censored? 

I guess we could say “quit”.

They seem to hear us out each time someone says that…

Which is too sad  :slightly_frowning_face:

We got better rewards than that. 1000+ pearls per blacksmith chest, 2 uber items per special uber chests, etc. Not sure why.

Disappointed… ridiculous… 8 days of hard work for this?? 

I bet it depends on the tier each alliance plays at.

My alliance was playing in the tier “Seasoned Scouts” (god knows why?):

You probably played on one of the above?

Anyway… It makes NO SENSE that 1 uber chest would reward only one item… OR EVEN TWO?!?!

No other feature in the game gives you one uber chest with only one thing side.


I didn’t even got a single chest and I made 7 moves a day 

I think this conquest should be names totally wasted and not the upcoming war

felling extremely angry

2k pearls, 4 pets, 4 kidding items, 29 gems - F… OFF flare.

I knew that everyone was running on empty pockets because there had been no events…

So I thought that this would change after the end of this Conquest mode.

I couldn’t have been more wrong:


Out of nearly 20 clicks to try to find some “decent” gold…

These are the results: Almost everyone was below 100k, having found 2 with around 150k and another with 260k.

This is what happens when the rewards are much worse then ninja/war.

You ruin the gold economy.

Please share your thoughts about this @PaSte, @Lisa, @FTB since the next Conquest is in 12 days and I doubt someone wants to play it the way it is right now.

Thanks in advance.

Absolutely not impressed by any aspect of the Conquest event.