Conquest mode

  1. add private channel for leader to communicate with other alliance when meeting each member.

  2. general or leader can help to collect whole alliance members’  resource from their resource buildings in stronghold.

  3. adjust the player’s troop number at stronghold or guard tower, not only in adding troop but also in decreasing.

  4. add “ban to declare war” function to those uncontrolling players in conquest mode

  1. add auto command to leader and command general, who can give auto orders for team members to move towards a tile/tower/unit/war. this command will allow pawns to move at readily pace towards target on auto pilot until acted upon by online hero or unassigned by either leader/command general/ or hero. only movement is allowed. no fights will be automated at anytime without initiation from hero.

  2. make it impossible for unit to make war on enemy tile without sufficient energy to also fight at least 1 battle, preferably 3.

  3. consider retreat option. possibly only 1 per conquest, or 3 team retreats per period, or some limit to use to curb abuse. there are times retreat should be allowed and is perfectly reasonable strategy in war. regardless, retreat should go with a penalty but be possible.

  4. automate delivery of intel from library, stones from quarry after 1 hour of sitting waiting to be picked up. should not lose all in 6 hour period. just some.